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  • and they never went up for some reason, but dragon scholar, would like to talk with you in the future. And whether or not i am a femalw, i can guarantee you that there are attractive young females with beautiful hearts and minds, and that i could one day introduce them to you, if we ever have a chance meeting. i am intruiged by you, as for myself, and would like to talk about salvia, life, and metaphysics, if you ever have some time.
    Love your pic, DUDE!!! Makes me a bit mad that I can't meet a chick that looks like this pic and sounds like you in your posts... Thanks for getting my hopes up though, kinda revivifies an important part of my brain that human sociocultural reality has almost eradicated.
    ok u wanna start a headshop, i dont know the ropes but we can learn together because, what a coincidence, i have the same exact dream, well it is one of them. what i want to tell u, first and foremost, growing in the US, i wouldnt want u to go to jail for a very long time because we dont have no time to waste, but, i can find out for you how to get started and pay for it, we can be good friends and survive 2012 then im gonna be king DEAD serious. u can be princess, oh im 18 by the way, pics on the way
    i am just learning how to grow, but i wouldnt learn it from no one else but u, actually u write some pretty good posts and i would really like tosmoke with u one day but what do u know about breeding and what's your favorite smoke, i wanna go to amsterdam one day and smoke it with you i actually just got a job,and if ur a good girl we can go shopping sometime
    neat! i'm thinking i may have to get rid of my plants. Helicopters.... : ( anyhow, i have mushies now, so we'll sehow that goes!
    hey hows u check out my dutch now shes in the making of being a mother plant :D goto my pics
    u sould put some dogs round the plants :D hehe but thats noty good tho 350 bucks wasted yeh moving indoors would be alot better and hVE BETTER RESULTS i would grow inside if i had my own place ive just got a greenhouse in my garden with super lemon haze great white shark and auto lemon skunk then got 5 more big bud seeds that r hrybridised with white widow so im hoping they grow good :D but that sound like a good grow set up u gonna build there :D keep me updated peace
    deer ate crops.... *sigh*

    ...and sadness and darkness overtook the High land of Fourtwentian....sadness that was deep ,and dark, and rooted in the evil WHITETAILDEER!
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