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  • No worries. So KLOS is going to have Frank and Heidi eh?. I'm not in the LA area, so the station that carried Mark and Brian has a local show in the mornings now, but I think it's just until they figure out what they are going to do in the long term.

    I have worked in radio for years, finally got out a few years back. When Mark and Brian started airing here I was pissed because they weren't local, and played no music. But over the years they really grew on me. Beat all the other moronic morning zoo crap the other stations had on
    that sounds pretty tight....i just got some badass kush's to, pre98 x julius c and pre98x og .... gonna be some good shit!
    Im smokin hash , playin Tiger Woods lol...all my trimming is done for now...jus smoking left :)

    My HH cd is still in the player...the new one should be boss
    Glad you had a good time! I never got to peep the Blue Man Group. Lucky! We saw Mystere which was awesome because my brother knew one of the trainers and we got comped front row tickets and my wife became part of the show!! Funny as fuck! Traveling is definitely good for the soul. Glad to have ya back though.
    jus finished the second cd....first track has a nice Cali sound then it jus goes crazy , i liked all the tracks tbh...my kinda tunes man
    these tunes are great Ho.....make sme wanan drink alot a beer and smash shit up LOL ... it sounded ok at 400 watts...but it sounds alot better at 1100 LOL thanks man!:leaf:
    Got the cds...sounds pretty god...peacemaker and feel the blow stand out..thanks
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