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  • wut up dr. can you please shoot me a recipe for you soil mix and feeding schedules with ingredients. I am a hard core hydro guy but after reading hours and hours of your info I would like to folllow your program to a "T" for max results in soil and organic techniques. thanx for you experience and help :grin:
    Give me a shout when you hit ground in CO. I will alwas have time for fellow growers that have love for the 3 P's---------Plant----Patient-------planet!!!.....
    Also i wanted to actually start my own dispensary one with knowledgeable partners who grow their own strains and breed as well. (just imagine going to one where they actually knew what they were talking about and knew which strain would be the most beneficial to the specific medical condition)

    Anyways, I have an extensive background in marketing and would have the know-how to make it the best and most renowned dispensary in the U.S. but again as far as the capital to start it up...well not yet at least. First things first and any advice on when i get to CO would be greatly appreciated thanks :)
    hey i noticed that you lived in CO or said something about the dispens.....there, and i wanted to see if you had any advice for me since i was considering moving there due to well foreseen and unforseen crappy circumstances... heres the thread i started and hope u dont get a headache trying to read it all LOL http://www.rollitup.images/smilies/icon_wink.gif
    Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read it http://www.rollitup.images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

    Im coming to denver for the weekend to attend one of the classes offered about opening a dispensary. I'll try to call you tomorow to talk about what you have offered.
    I noted a post that said that you have info on finding a proper space to move my operation to. I would love to discuss with you as I am not willing to continue in Douglas county. Rather deal with a demon that I can see.
    I noticed your previous thread mentioning all your illnesses.

    Start doing

    1.Hulda Clark Liver Cleanses- ASAP!. Try these, they're cheap and proven:
    2. Get a high quality Vitamin D min 1000 iu/day. In your case probably 4000.
    3. MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement- but only take with fresh lemon/lime juice. The Citric Acid that is supplied is not as effective, if at all.

    If you have a cat/dog check out my company www.vitalityscience.com all-natural remedies and supplements. All our products are human grade. I take Vital Lipids, Pet Flora, and Enzymes
    Sorry about the continues....Okay, off my high horse. We'll be there the last week in February, or the first week of March, yet right now, we are searching for the right place to go. If you could pm me, I have some pretty specific questions! Then maybe I could figure out how to pm back! I'm not worried about making a quality product- we are the shit when it comes down to that- (better than any Cali I've ever had) so #1 is covered, no worries there, we just need some lifelines here, someone that knows what we don't. I certainly appreciate all your advice, and knowledge on the subject!We'd like to have Aredrik at least some ideas of work for a few months until we find our legs! Pm me if you could- thanks!
    This is a continuation from prev post. I am disabled (scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, neuropathy, not to mention all the depression, and anxiety that come along with 12 years of chronic, bedridden type of pain- the kind of pain that never lets you forget it's there, and also suffer from OCD). My husband and I are loving, hard working individuals who just want to do the RIGHT thing. We can't live in this backwards state any more. Sometimes we feel like aliens more than people because the people around us have always screwed us, even people we thought we could trust, people we've only ever shown love and respect, and always recieved nothing in return (). We LONG to get to a place where like minded individuals REAL people, with REAL hearts that love and respect. :wall:
    I wanted to pm you, just couldn't figure out how! My husband and I (married almost 16 yrs, with 4 kids), are making the move to CO. I know my husband has possibly pm'd you, or at least asked a few questions. I'm Flavor Fairy, and I should probably just get another account, but for now, I'm sure you'll get us both under Aredrik. We are moving from nearly 1,500 miles away, and though obviously have some trepidations about the actual process of getting there, your communtiy is EXACTLY what we need, and I think if you could get to know us better, you would be able to see for yourself that you guys would think we were exactly what YOU need. We want to make some real connections, passionate people like ourselves. We are passionate about what we want. We want to be legal, we want to serve the sick and disabled, be able to give meds away, while selling the rest to dispensaries. Unless there is a better way. Cont. next post...
    hey doc I am new here, but saw your orange kush and really interested in some seeds!!! looks like some real dank!!!
    I'm tired too.....DR. VonDank there's just too much greed going around for most of the places opening up to even give a shit about any of the patients that come in their door....All they care about is more more more how can i get more how can i sell more.... I thought there would be more people like me who cared about what they were doing for someone and if in turn you are going to "Try" actually try to give the patient the best possible medicine you can manage. I would want people leaving my place of business thinking that they couldn't get any better for their money and that it is worth every penny, and i don't need to try to see what anyone else has this is all I need.(ever since the medicinal shops opened up i've been utterly and completely discouraged by the product they put out and the prices that they ask for) I don't have a problem paying 60 an eighth but if its anything below stellar or one of the bests ive had you've havn't done your job as a dispensary for me.
    You've spouted about certain types of seeds that seem select, I am interested in digesting yoru knowledge and riding a veterans coat-tails for select strains.
    Hey, Im trying to find info on Orange Krush, I just got some clones. Is yours an improved strain of one already around? Was told mine is 10-12 week flowerer. Just hoping you can tell me something about the strain I might have...THank you
    Hey Doc,
    Quick question. I have only had the 4 plants: sour diesel, big foot, WW, and Godzilla for about a week before I transplanted them from the soilless to a hydro system. It is only running at 600ppms. This is the second day after the transplant, and although the leaves still look healthy Godzilla and Big Foot are drooping. I know that they will go through shock after first transplanting, but I was wondering how long and if that is all that it is. White widow is doing about the same, and I realized what the original problem was. Apparently the roots were not very developed as a clone which is probably why it was not growing well. I put some rooting hormone on the roots during transplant so hopefully that should fix the problem. Any input would be appreciated.
    Thank you-----would you be interested in doing a review of my new book???---I would sent you a copy at no cost and would ask only a honest review----good and bad???
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