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  • Hello green thumb, stay in touch please. I have things dialed in now. How's outside looking this season?
    live on the west coast,,,,,grew out some tangerine dream from barneys . and something called eveil pineapple havent grown them out yest got 40 50 seeds I still want to try to curious if anyone wanted to try them out Ray [email protected]
    yeah bro im in the us..southwest region..near cali az..mexico..tryin new ways to grow..u know much bout the PROTOTRON PRO LED? im goin BALLS DEEP on that device..wish me luck..If u know ne AUTHENTHIC seed sites lemme know bro..
    yea im doing it outdoors, just want to gett them goin inside first, everything i grew last year was just bagseed with some good genetics, id still like to order some seeds but havent set aside the money to do so, if u want a good strain for the northeast get a nice indica thatll finish fast, i would say a mold resistant strain but, u nvr no how mold resistant a strain is, i believe all plants have the possibility to get mold, its just some are either more likely or less more so based on the compactness and structure of the bud. mold grows in warm humid ennviroments with very low airflow. if u do everything u can to prevent this prime mold enviroment u are much better off to. and when the enviroments good to produce mold, keep a close eye on ur girls. spot and cut out any mold u see,
    cool, im actually gonna get some lights today, and will be starting them in no more than a week,keep me posted and let me know how ur grows doing,
    u kno, not as good as i had hoped, the guy i was working with didnt get out to the site as much as he had planned for whatever reasong. havnt even harvested yet. really hoping to get out there next little while and see whats left of the poor girls.
    hey what up man i just saw your garden in the outdoor section and those girls look like what i wanna make happen this year. What soil and fertalizers you suggest? I am in socal thinking about doin kinda a green house thing
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