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    The Chinese Quantum Board Knock Off Builds

    I have a couple of 10 bar Meijiu 800 watt Majo's in my 9x5. I rarely run them above 650 watts each. Thinking of spreading the bars out, ditching the tent, and increasing my grow space. Only then would the extra watts actually be usuable. This is using an Apogee Par meter and setting par to...
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    The Chinese Quantum Board Knock Off Builds

    I have the same lights. Running strong and perfect for 18months. Definitely do not recommend. Meijiu must just love us. I have three of their fixtures. The new MJ-650 is my all time favorite out of 5 different LED fixtures.
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    2018 Canadian outdoor strains of choice.

    I'll be popping auto's as usual outside again this year I think. I like to focus on gardening outside in the summer vs growing tree's, so I find a good solid auto breeder like Mephisto makes for a few nice plants. I think I'm partial to my indoor anyways. I usually end up giving away most of...
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    Questions about Epsom Salts.

    This so much. I like to bump Ph at the end of flower for this reason too.. limit N and increase Mg uptake. At least that's what I read somewhere and it sure hasn't hurt to employ.
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    Can anyone figure this out? $723.95 for 20 kilos of Cyco Commercial fertilizer

    Outrageous, I get the same size bag of Megacrop or Jack's for like $100 here in Canada.
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    I give up, this is not for me...

    Dude, try a run with coco and use Jacks 3-2-1 formula and NOTHING ELSE.
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    How do you smoke bubble hash?

    Hahaha, I kinda have the same thing going. I like to smoke the 73iu bag, as it is very potent usually and almost full melt alot of the time. I throw a little snake in the middle of a joint. For that old school hash I just ran the bubble bags with only the 25 and 160 and 220 in there. So I...
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    Chitosan Oligosaccharide dosage?

    Sorry for the late response. I'm not on here as much as I used to be. I definitely does raise EC, although I haven't noticed any ill effects. I've used it now on two full runs. Results were amazing. It would mostly be filler, of which I'm not sure. The highest dose I've went was about 1/2...
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    Chitosan Oligosaccharide dosage?

    Not sure but I bought a kg and was told one gram per gallon. Basically the gram you put in has 15mg of Tria. It’s pretty much a stock solution already in powdered form. Water soluble and have used through a full run now quite successfully... although at a much lower dosage than 1 gram a gallon.
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    AB Growers club...

    Thug Pug - Meatbreath, Pure Michigan 2.0 and PBB In House - Divine Gelato#3 - breeders cut and Platinum Kush Breath Jbeezy Wedding Cake and Ice Cream Cake Buncha others but those cuts I'm most excited about.
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    Thug pug genetics anyone?

    Traded those Thug Pug cuts for these packs from a grower. They are opened and only have 5-6 seeds in them left but it’ll do:
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    Doug's Varin

    To select a pheno from this pack I would want to send in samples to check cannibinoid profile. Would get pretty pricey.
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    Any Canadians find a way into the legal market?

    It’s not like they’re not doing the same thing as half of Vancouver’s dispensaries. More power to them, at least they have balls.
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    Mega Crop 3.o is shipping, also Mega Crop Part A and Part B

    I wasn't happy with that run in the end, I ended up with calcium deficiencies. This last run I went 100 grams Part A with 60 grams part B as per a recommendation I read. It working out pretty well. I will probably go with 100/65 this run starting a few days into stretch and stick with that...
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    Thug pug genetics anyone?

    Cheating a little. Traded for some keeper cuts of PBB, Meatbreath and Pure Michigan 2.0. #easymode Going to let them vege a week and then flip time.