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May 23, 2018
    1. scottyrock
      i was wondering what you did to fix you ph problem 4.0 after flush ,i am having the same prob flush 4x amount of water and still 4.0
    2. ohmy
      hey upstate ....You around albany area ?
    3. MixedMelodyMindBender
      Hello. I am from upstate NY myself. Its nice to see other growers from around these woods to be growing. I currently have 160 females going all organic outside in a gurilla grow. Where abouts in Upstate are ya brotha? Give me a shout :) Bongs to you !
    4. Normajean1
      I feed my plants every watering. I'm using Botanicare Organics so its kind of hard to overnute or cause lock up. When i need an extra boost of nitrogen i use some miracle grow veg food. I also foliar spray. I use a really low dose of my veg food for the foliar spray. The light i have are 68 watt cfls(300 equivalent) ther the biggest i can find at home depot. there contractor bulbs, in the same isle as the other cfl's but alongside the MH bulbs and T-12's and stuff like that. At least that's how it is from where im from. lemme know if his helps. thake it easy.
    5. crashcourse
      whats up . just trying to make new contacts from my area. how did you make out with stavia plants?try some purples this year.If you need info let me know.1/2 pounders
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