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    Millennial, Gen Z what ever they identify as. You know who they are, if you don't, your probably one.
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    Floriduh, being racist!

    everythings racist these days
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    Different age group coming up. The millennials, the ones that can only talk shit on the internet.
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    16 leaf Sativa scream

    buddy got some dirty feet
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    Free speech in the politics section

    its a far left website and owner. but who cares i come here for the grow talk
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    Is Biden really that bad?

    the guys a moron
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    Nutes for Coco

    I still stick with good old GH nutes
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    Looking For Winner: Mars Hydro FC6500 Giveaway!

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    Biden's Trolling Putin

    bidens not smart enough to troll anyone
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    Mars Hydro New giveaway will come soon,do you prefer FC 6500 or SP 6500?

    I may be on an island here but the SP6500 would fit beautiful in my tent. If I had a bigger tent id go with the other one.
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    ViparSpectra Giveaway for Labor Day: Win P4000 | Take 15% OFF with "LABOR15"

    #ViparSpectraP4000 Nice looking light. would fit perfect in my tent too!
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    Why do Republicans suck?

    How do you get a job and fuck up everything. EVERYTHING. Gas, water, air. But seriously. The prices of everything has gone up. There's not one item, or commodity that has gone down since Biden. I run an A/C company and the prices of units has gone up 28% year to date and going up more next...
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    Why do Republicans suck?

    No imagine if Biden was in charge during this time, fucking hell i dont want to imagine that. We'd all be dead.