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  • Congrats on the soon to be retirement in thailand! Sounds like an amazing adventure! If you need Anyone to watch over those cindy 88 genetics up here in cali let me know. :) :)
    I have been searching for the past ten years for the real deal bro grimm stock, none of the replicas are close to it, my uncle inteoduced me to growing and c99 and apollo at the age of 17 and it caused me to dedicate my life to this. I grew sensi star for years and always wanted to do a cross, which i see u have already done! Talk about fate... Maybe we could partner up, i would do anything to be able to get the real bro grimm stuff, anything!
    Holy crap do you still have thousands of c99 seeds that you made from original brothers grimm c99? I would do anything to have those !
    hello fatboy - are you around? im also in AZ and looking to get started on growing (yes i have my card)

    let me know if your up for some questions - thanks!
    Hey fatboy! I am getting started on a grow that's a lot like yours, 4x4 with a 600 watter in soil. I love how well you have done and I look forward to gaining many tips from your experience!
    Keep up the good work, bro.
    Hey man, I am getting very close to buying all my equipment. It looks like the middle of April I should have 90% of my grow room together. Getting excited!!!
    i'm already a pro look at my thread, just seeing if you found some better way to cure. I didnt want to read for three days just seeing if you would share some of that knowledge with me as i would with you if i was in your position.
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