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  • :wall:hey man i noticed you helped a dude with drooping clones and i got a few clones rooted in soil and i pulled them out and put them bare roots in a dwc hydrophonic with 5.5 gallons 1 airstone and 2 of the clones are great others are getting brown tips and others are drooping tthey under 8 soft white cfl s with grow big (fox farm) clonexx clone soulition and liquid karma (botanicare) plz help me bro i really wana save these really awsome strains leme know if you need mor info or anything.thanx

    and if theres anyway i can return the favor leme know
    bought your book yesterday on my kindle. love it. genius. xx Im on my 2nd grow and Im going to do things a lot differernt now.
    Hi Im unsure who to send this to so have sent a copy to all moderators, I wish to delete my account with immediete effect.

    My time spent here, although not much in the way of posting, has been informitive. But now wish to have my account removed.

    you are the king of CFL and my role model when it comes to growing! Just thought I'd let ya know mate! I've learned more from you and your posts than ANYWHERE else! Please keep the knowledge coming brother.
    Hey garden knowm, could you send me a private message? I'm a new member of the forum so I don't think I have permission to send one. Maybe if you did first, I could reply. I have some questions about your book, but I'm a little paranoid about making them public on your wall. Could you help me out?
    beartrapgeorge and bornallah are not being productive members of the forum and we want them gone.
    Hi could my account please be deleted? Someone created an account using my name and I don't want anything to do with it. Thank you.
    Hey GK, bought your book and read through it very nice! noticed that you used the perlite brand scotts, do you live in aus? also noticed that you dont use any nutrients? or does the potting mix contain it?
    Howdy GK, love your works, thought I would invite you over to my first journal, nothing to exciting:sleep:, but would love to have you along for the ride.
    Under Current RDWC test run.bongsmilie
    Hello There, I have read your book 8oz for under 100...Thanks for creating the hope!!!! I have grown using HID lights with a veg and flower room. I now live where i must use a closet and I am really excited about using your system...I was just curious about how you felt about T5 HO...I am currently experimenting with autoflowering strains but would like to know your opinion...Should I just grow reg seeds like in your book and only use half the light 12/12 instead of autoflowering 24/0? Your opinion matters and I appreciate any response. I don't know how this works...Its my first time on a site like this...I am cmz...Thanks!!!!
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