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  • Hey bro, added you as a friend but couldn't reply to your PM cause your inbox is full. I'd def be down to have you do that, just send me another PM when you empty your box so I can send contact info
    i added u cause i knew u had some good advice!(: haha thanks but im new and new some friends on here, if thats ok with u and u could help me out sometimes
    ahhh damn, that sounds like a fucked up situation to me man . i hope you do go back to growing bro . Please fail that exam man lol good luck with everything .
    Mann they sent me back an email saying i did not get the freebies cuz I ordered 14 minutes before the deal had started? I replied saying why i thought the promo was running cuz the promo ad changed from "coming soon" to "get some!" , so i was thinking alright the deal is running. and now Im waiting for a reply And they'll probably reply when the fucking deal is done . This is so gay ...The biggest promo is seedbank history And i make a mistake AN HONEST ONE TOO. I actually thought it was running and this hit me Like a surprise . THIS is too fucked!
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