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  • I am doing good man!
    I haven't been a good RIU'er.
    My plants are in the second week of flowering.
    I dropped some coin and got a super strong exhaust fan and filter and a 400 hps, so I am running a 150 hps and a 400.
    They are looking great!
    I will get some photos this week.
    Whats up! I saw you were on thought I'd see how things are going?
    It seems like a pinesol and lemon smell almost. Of course it isn't finished curing yet
    medi is looking good
    I put the dried ganesha's dream in jars after 3 days drying. The buds are very fluffy, so I figured they would dry faster that typical. I have approx 100 grams in the jars.
    The medi will be chopped on Thursday or Friday
    I watered yesterday for the last time. I may take her into complete darkness for 48 hrs starting tomorrow. I will photo the hanging
    I want to come over to your house!

    I got the la woman and the sour cream when I ordered my lsd!

    Attitude is good. It took a couple of weeks to get the seeds, but they were shipped stealthy as hell. What stealth style did you order?
    Hey Bud, I just ordered some seeds
    whatcha thinks
    G13 Labs Diesel Feminised
    Barneys Farm Red Diesel Feminized
    World of Seeds Legend Collection Strawberry Blue Feminized
    UFO# 1 DNA LA Woman
    After looking they informed you fine. I was worried about the one guy who came in and said kill them all and start over. I'm pretty surw at least one of those is a girl. Good luck.
    What's up green!! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to check out your thread sooner. What did you do? I didn't see anything that would make me cut any of those down right away, and saw people that didn't know for sure telling you to chop them down and start over. I'm going to read the whole thing now.
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