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  • I have 80w of CFL over mine. 2x40w full spectrum tubes over three. Keep moistening them so the very bottoms of the plugs are always in water. My bubbling water touches the very bottom of the plugs and lightly mists the area. A little yellowing is normal, how much yellowing?
    How did you cut the bottoms? In order for the roots to sprout they have to be cut at an angle and then the other side has to have the outer stem shaved away with a razor blade so there is lots of the inner stem expose about 3/4" inch up from the bottom. Is that what you did? My have been 7 days and just starting to show roots through the rooter plug. I keep them in a mini bubbleponics I made for this purpose and then I put a dome over them. You cna use the recommended amount but watch b/c it will make your Ph jump up to 8 a few hours or the next day after. So you will have to Ph the water back down. Once you stabilize it it stays. It's the Root 66 that does it. How much light, how much water/moist is the root plug?
    Are your roots through? Is there any nutrient in the water at all? You might want to pickup some Sugar Daddy and some root 66 from Technaflora. It will provide some sugars and minerals. If the roots are out it wants food. How long has it been?
    hey man got a question for you since you have been helping me out. i have a few clones going and they are starting to turn a little yellow any help????? thanks alot
    I know lol... I thought the same thing but they all germed for me and the same is going for their Skunk #1 Fem that I've got going now. The plant structure is awesome I did a thread with a pic of it if your interested. Sativa Dominant but a nice bushy structure which so far is staying a good height.
    Its all good.Thanks for replying.I got 2 seeds germing now,smallest seeds ive ever seen lol.
    Hey bro loved the skunk haze grow..i have a question did it smell like a strong skunk? or just citrusy with a little skunk throughout the grow? Got some seeds and gonna do a outdoor grow with it.Thanks bro
    and another wuestion ur telling me 2 days after feeding my gal molasses i will see bigger crystals
    hey thnks for the tips on molasses how old was ur plants when u started feedin her molasses
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