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    Your latest seed purchase?

    How is critical poison fast ?I want to try this strain but can't find much info about it.
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    Open Show and Tell 2020

    What is yor opinion on cpoison, i will try it this year out , can you give some (grow,smoke)report.Did it finish fast?
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    Need another opinions on if these girls are ready

    You have amber trich (if you want max Thc concentration) Chop it . If you like less potent bud,more sedative effect wait another few days.
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    Shall I harvest!!?

    Chop man the THC is degrading
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    What will you be running 2022?

    I will try , Blueberry and Jack Herrer(Seedsman) feminised photo outdoors. Anyone try this critical poison(grow,smoke) report? I heard good things about Bberry and jackH but dont find much info about Cpoison fast by 00 seeds.