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  • Growmau5 i have been watching your videos and i have some questions CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ? i want to get some of the chilled gen 2 but can not find them the other thing is what happened to your videos on youtube? you did a give away build and the fourth video is not there
    Hey, Growmau5. I've been watching your feeds on YouTube and would like to be invited sometime when you go live. Thanks for the info you share and for making vids that show your real self.
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    subscribe to his youtube channel and put notifications on to find out when he goes live
    Hi Growmaus, Thanks for all you do,I am in total awe of your acquired knowledge in regard to cob lights. Is there an avenue available to me where I could get real advice on building a new light fixture for myself? Being new to the concept of cob lights, I find I am overwhelmed by they shear volume of information out there.
    Yo Buddy, Welcome to Seattle from Architex. We like to play with LEDs water-cooled, similar but diff as Vitaly and we got some FREE prototype boards for you to test that fully automate the meanwell. We're throwing the invitation out to come to our lair and peep what we do. We've got tools if you left those behind.. And if you need further street cred to know I'm solid, I started Medicropper in the game.
    Hello, I was looking at your kits and one of the single 3590 lights puts out max 137 watts which means i need 4 to cover my 4x4 area as I read I should have ~32 watts sq/ft. But the 4 light kit runs at 50 watts ea. 200 total watts i don't think is enough power. With the same kit and a stronger driver would I be able to run 4 at a higher wattage to get closer to the 500 I need?
    What can you tell us on the far red insistor you did with rapid Led... I don't see any videos and rapid doesn't talk about it. It's just posted as there first collaboration with you. Whats a better way to contact you please
    Hello man ! Regards from south america (:

    I want to ask if you know some page that sell cobs (citizen or cree) and delivery to here Chile, i have founded cobs in amazon and aliexpress but not sure about the quality of lights !

    Great job, you are mi idol, greetings !
    Hello growmau5 just wanted to say thank you for all the help you provide for the community! Your the reason i have a limited amount of knowledge on cobs and the reason i keep learning more. Thanks again!
    hi I wanted some insight with my build plan I have two spaces one 8x8 flower room and 8x6 veg room.I have 11 foot ceiling.Using new veg cxb3590 36v 30 4K and 5 5k cobs.Bloom room has 20 3k and 10 3500k cobs.For drivers are these fine for setup? 320-2100 for 5k 6 240-1400 for 4K. 5 320-1750 for 3k and 2 320-1400 for 3500k. Is this good enough to reach 850-1100 ppfd per room?
    I wanted to thank you for all the help your YouTube videos have given me, I am about to switch my lights from DIY CMH to DIY COB LED and have learned quite a bit from you.
    Your thoughts on use 5 inch square aluminum tube for a heat sink. Doing this so I can pull air through it exhausting it outside of the room. I'm running a sealed room and would like to get the hot air out of the room as much as possible.
    Hey Growmau Been listening to Dude Grows podcasts and was listening to the one where you were explaining LED's ((just before episode 207). Was wondering if I could ask a couple of questions since I am new and about to embark on growing and wanted to know about DIY or prebuilt. Could you pm me? Thanks
    I REALLY wish you didnt make part 3/7 of your DIY cob build private .. i cant explain how frustrated i was when i realized the part of the LIGHTING series that was supposed to go over LIGHTS was not available to public view. :(
    YouTube sent me copyright emails, then silenced the video. I made it private so I can figure out why & fix it.
    Hey, I've been watching your videos on YouTube and am looking for your advice on a big project. I have some questions I hope you might answer for me. Can you message me?
    Hi Growmau5 I liked DIY basic leds videos on YouTube, I'm inspired on your videos. I got an problem can u plz assist me, I got an 36volts 10watts smd led and MEANWELL NES200-36 driver and connected those all in parallel series on aluminum heatsink it's getting too much hot and leds are getting burst. Pls provide me a help, I hope a positive by yourself.
    I couldn't find anywhere that you've ever attempted a hybrid LED and HPS fixture, all in one. I know the leds will have to be higher but wouldn't you like a fun challenge? :) Grow on brother!
    You shud do it. I'm not really interested nor do I see any value in such a project. :)
    I've been watching your videos for a while now, you know your shit when it comes to LEDs. I was wondering, a lot of people still like HPS for budding but feel that even though LED grows very nice bud a hybrid system would work a little better.
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