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  • hey there...Was just wondering what the outcome of your problem with yellow spots on your leaves...i am having the same problem, have sprayed but does note seem to have helped...?
    Hey how are you? I have question how do I know if my buds are ready if I don't have a manification thing-a-jig...i do have a 420 scope but it's real small and I have to pick my ladies everytime to check them.
    Hello im using advanced nutrients iguana grow/bloom, this is my first time with advanced nutrients. Any idea on how good it works? i just started the flowering phase. Im growing in soil 5 gallon grow bags. If you have any suggestions or ideas i could sure use some help.
    right now i have a 1000w hps about 8-12 inch from plants, fans and venting/air purify system
    Advanced Nutrients Products im using
    Organic B
    iguana bloom
    Rhino Skin
    Bud Candy
    Kushie Kush
    hey man just checked out ur bio canna thread good post bro have also been lookin for a thread for bio canna hopefully it turns out well hav u any pics of ur grow would like to c how the nutes perform?
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