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  • just now getting around finishing up season 2,season 2?..yeah I know right,so far so good,it seems like it could be a promising show,hopefully it wont go down hill like weeds did after season 2 with the writers and such,so are season 3 and 4 any good?
    they would be going into bloom before whats in there with/recovering from root rot is harvested. Next dilema. Just wait. Move.. an option for a short time on a small scale to get me into a better place. I have been battling and keepin my head above water. So getting creative with finances.
    Right now 5 trays run the same resivoir, i could use a different res for a couple of trays for a short time for the new girls.
    I got root rot in nov first time I might not have gotten the rocks/buckets clean enough. Ive had one harvest in between with no root rot. this is the first time it started in veg nothing is different.
    Hope this all makes sense as I am fried.
    Thank you,
    You recommend mychogrow. I didnt see nitrogen, potash,sea kelp and one other nute, but I dont quite understand it all. Guidance?
    A friend is using Subdue max fungicide to keep his root rot at bay. What do you recommend? How would I use it in hydro?
    I took clones which have rooted and roots are brown. Should I cut my loses and trash them? Should I toss the ones a month long in veg?
    I have a chance to bring in new plants already rooted. About another 4 -6 weeks veg. timing on rotation is off and not quite the full amount I need, but I need to get rid of the root rot. Should I toss veg? super clean and start out fresh with these others. A bit hesitant, I finally got all the strains I want and the newones are not my favorite.
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    Hello, you seem to have much knowledge. Hydro-noticed root rot 3 wks ago veg. kept normal nutrient solution Maxi gro, rapid start,superthrive. Discovered root rot, added sub m/b. 2weeks later moved them into bloom. Should of waited, its been a week n bloom. also added hygrozym first week. Using STG mats. I now have some new root growth, should I not do a peroxide dip since I cant lift all the plants up. Cleaned with bleach in Bloom rm, Not in veg room. there are new plants 1 mnth old that shared the same water/ tray as the ones in bloom. New roots starting, been using sub m/b, should I not bleach the system again cause it would kill all the goodies. What about the veg? Should I do a dip in veg. Not much roots yet, little sign, but it looks like starting and the bottoms of the rock wool are somewhat black. The plants in bloom are in hydroton
    What about using sub m/b, hygrozyme together? New root growth, should I stick to full strength nutes?
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    I must be tripping the fuck out I can't find any messages from last week from or to you in my boxes. I think the last one had a question or two..
    Happy Belated Birthday, Heis! Just wanted to say thanks for all the assistance and insight you given so many here, you are the man ;) Hope you got laid and fucked up last night...
    hey heisenberg,
    got a lil root slime in my dwc's, when i do this tea, do i discontinue giving them any other nutrients, and after the slime is gone do i start again or should i just use the tea from now on. im using botanicare pro grow, cal mag, liquid karma and bio root now, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi Heinsenberg,

    After reading your Root Slime Cure post for a few hours, I think this is the way for me to go. I just wanted to ask you a few questions.

    1. I think I have root rot, but am not sure if it's root slime? What exactly is the the difference and will the tea help for both?
    2. I'm using the CAP Ebb and Grow system with 1/2" tubing. Someone at my local Hydroponics store told me that using "benies" with this system could clog up the lines and that it wasn't recommended. Would you agree?

    Thank you very much for you time and help.
    Hi Heisenberg, great work on the EWC Tea!! From the many hours of research iv put into finding a solution to brown algae your Beneficial Microbes post is by far the best thing iv came across... genius!!!

    Was wondering if you could possibly help me in finding alternative ingredients to your ewc tea that are available here in the UK. I can't seem to find aquashield, zho or Ancient Forest here in the uk. Also subculture m/b and white shark are not available either... AN piranha and tarantula are available but i recall you advising some one that AN products seem to make things worse in DWC?

    Greatly appreciate any light you can shed on my predicament, thanks P
    Nice answers! You are definitively full of good plant knowledge and cleared up some ideas that I have had about hydroponic systems using organics. Look forward to talking to you one time in chat.
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