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  • NEW pic's and a new journal on the way. The grow's will be much BIGGER and the harvest will be two time a month
    I just had a harvest and i turned it all into hash all be putting up the pic's today. check out the hash pic's in my albums. Thanks for looking
    it could be. i water it with the pot i made. basiclly the black rope absorbs the water and the roots sit right on top of it. i just put water into the bottom when it needs. you think i should change it?
    nice to meet you to i was checking out your pictures. your plants are awesome! how many grows have you done? also im trying to upload pics if you wanna check them out maybe give me some tips cause im still an amature
    yea dude im a big fan of the system...im kinda growing out of it now but im gonna put some auto lemon skunk seeds in it shortly n see how they work in it. its definitely a good system for the money
    Come into the light all are welcome all are welcome. NO YOU SAID DOWN GO INTO THE LIGHT YOU SAID TO STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT CAROL ANNA!!!!!! STEVEN NOOOOOOO........
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