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    Topping/ fimming

    I think its ready for flip too but you can fim side branches or main branch if you want. Scrog could be usefull when growing small place. good luck :)
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    Will You Take The Vaccine?

    People coming so mad after different opinion so im out have a nice life and stay strong peace and love. :D
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    Will You Take The Vaccine?

    Why people need fighting about this vaccination thing? If someone dont want vaccine they dont take it and if someone want vaccine they take it.
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    Do you guys think that all 3 plants are getting enough light ???

    I would put something under small plants cause they will get so much less light than that big one. But if that would be my tent i think i will remove small plants and LST bigger one that gonna full your tent easily after you switch 12/12.
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    Looking for Tester-Spider Farmer SE5000 LED

    I have used HLG lights only but could be curious test another company too. SE5000 fit perfectly in my 80x80 tent but i have only diaries in growdiaries site not here. Good luck for all! :)
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    Using higher ppfd in veg while supplementing co2? another topic where is good info check it out. :)
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    Smart Phone PAR / Light Meter App, "Korona" - Compared to Apogee MQ500

    I use PPFFD meter and lux light meter apps nothing to compare but i think its give something advice. I tested only how plants reacting to different lux and ppfd. Maybe new phones are more accurate cause better technology.
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    whats your favorite game while stoned?

    Good story games where u spend many hours about noticing it. Top3 is Red dead redemption 2, Last of us 2 and Horizon zero dawn.
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    Using higher ppfd in veg while supplementing co2? This topic have good information about that :)
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    Ventilation help

    Hello im pretty new with growing but read forums alot and i need help with ventilation. Lets go first post too! I have Secret Jardin HS80 80cmx80cmx180cm tent with 135w HLG QB and i dont have heat issues i just need clean all smells. So i calculated 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.8 = 1.15m thats room volume...