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  • Do you know if its to late to start in Maryland. I want a few small girls but don't wanna waste my time.
    No problem, this sounds like a great idea, can't wait to help with my data. I actually HAD detailed data on my entire grow, but since they went into flower, I got busy with my next veg setup and stopped recording the data. Since then, I DO still have regularly shot, and dated pics, and video from shortly before flower.
    Hey bro whats up? I cant find my papers at this time but im going to the "toy store" in the next day or 2 to get some supplies and i will try to get the link of where they print me the diagram from or if they refuse, you can send me a safe addy and i will mail you. What your doing is fine though. What I do with them is ph at 5.8 and with the veg I start my ppms at 350-400 and then I jump it every 200pm until ive reached 800ppm. then with flowering half dosage and then I dont go higher than 1100ppm max. thats depending on the strain but usually i just stay at 1000ppm. Hope that helps for now until I can get you there schedule.
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