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  • read your post on LED lighting, I too am in the market for LED system that won't break me. My grow is 4ft wide 4 ft tall. Designing for 8 plant SOG. Been looking at Blackstar prices seem fine I can deal with that. Any recommendations
    What's up hoss? I have a couple questions about smurfberry if you'd be willing to answer. Did it have any trouble autoing and if not how long was the plants full life span? I've been unable to encounter any type of smoke report so how was the taste/smell/potency?
    Thx in advance man, and I appreciate the journal you made as well. You're really at the forefront of badass led growers.
    Thanks for a reply! Seems that 5 gallon pots gonna be to big for me, I`m trying to start a small scale first time test. I will stick to the 1,4 this time.
    Hey! I found out in one of the topics that you have grown Short Stuff SnowRyders in 1,4 gallon pots. At the moment I`m going for snowyryder as well, but I`m a bit confused about best pot size for short strains. So i wonder, did 1,4 was ok, or even smaller could be fine or I have to go for bigger sizes? P.S. Sorry for my English, it not my native.

    How's it going! Glad to see another ky person on here. What part of ky do you live in? Really interested in your auto grows, never tried one .... Heard the potencie isn't there, yours look great though! How do they compare to (normal) strains ? Read that you were averaging 2 oz plant, is that pretty consistent?
    cool, they come with an optic lens installed and you can choose the viewing angle when you purchase it. it comes in 60, 90, and 120. goes without saying that i will be purchasing the 120 view angle.

    thanks for the help, ill keep you posted as i recieve and start using it
    good to hear. im definatly looking forward to my next powerbill then lol.

    so how many of these appollo 16 fixtures do you think i would need to replace my 600w?
    ya man i definatly will. probably wont be till the end of november though.
    do you think its practical to flower under high intensity LEDs? or should i just keep it on hps for the flower?
    yep i spoke with a rep, theyconfirmed the 3 watt chips and the power output for me. they are however manufactered in china, which i hear is sketchy sometimes, but all the info they gave me seemed to check out. its 660nm, 460nm and is just under $500 bucks without shipping
    ok thanks man i just got off the phone with them and im getting my money back except for the shipping cost, but still alot better than 300 bucks on shitty panels!! thanks for your input. im gona end up running a few of those 180's or 260's from hydro hut, its a shame there still so much more pricey though, i just cant keep up with the heat output of my 600 anymore.
    wow glad i asked you then. im gona get right on trying to return them but in the event that i cant or its not worth it, is there anyway i could put them to good use? i currently run a 600w HPS but its dimable, could i maybe run my light at 300 with the 2 light panels in conjunction and still get good results?
    hey man, dont mean to bother you but iv been trying to get some concrete feedback on LEDs and you seem to be the guy with the LED know how. im wondering how much you spent on your pro grow light as well as if you have an opinion on the "glow panel 45" from sunshine sytems. i have two of the lights being ordered and want to make sure im not making a huge mistake before the return period ends. here is the link to the glow panel if youd like to check it out http://shop.sunshine-systems.com/product.sc?productId=10 thanks
    No problem, dude. I appreciate the info and suggestions. It was cool knowing that I was heading in the right direction, after tons of research. TONS! I am off to check ebay, great idea thanks. My beans from Attitude just arrived today! I am stoked!!!
    Hello Hoss.
    Before I can PM anyone I have to have 50 posts..yikes!
    So thank you for your reply to me and I shall now go away and compose some questions, trying not to sound too lame I hope.
    Thanks for the quick reply dude! And don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you, gotta love a little wake n bake on a Saturday morning. The plants will be in soil for this next grow but I do want to move onto a DWC or Waterfarm in the future. I have this idea of doing a Scottyballs grow with LED once I do go hydro but we'll see.
    Hey hoss love your grow! I'm thinking of going the LED route for space and heat issues. I took your advise from another thread and looked into the hydroponics hut LED panels. They look awesome and well made. My question is, do you think the Pro-Grow 180 will be enough light for a space that's 34x22x61 (LxWxH) with two plants? Or should I go with the Pro-Grow 260? If I don't have to spend the extra money on the 260 I would rather not. Thanks dude, stay high!
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