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    DWC CLONER-Cheap and simple

    Hey...thought this video might help someone starting out. Cheap DIY Cloner
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    DWC issue identification

    Clawing...looks like nutes burn
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    Nute Burn but ppms going down

    drop the ppm... until the burn stops.
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Male or Female?

    tea baggin
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    Germination help!

    Wet dream possibly? Just kidding...fuck the cup of water method. Sometimes if you leave em in too long that will happen. Just spray a paper towel...moist not drenched. Next place seed in paper towel and fold once like in a sandwich. Now you place the paper towel with seed in a partially closed...
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    Help...cannot get rid of spidermites

    Cobnobular said it...mighty wash.
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    My Carbon Filter Sucks.

    As mentioned all air must pass through your filter and to do this with an open window you'd need to create negative pressure. If your intake is too big then you can't achieve this and you will have a leak...may not necessarily be your filter although I'd definitely consider it to be the...
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    First grow - Vision seeds - 5x Northern Lights and 4x Big Bud

    Use one tea spoon of phosphate free dish soap in 2 pints of water and, ground cayenne pepper added to a spray bottle.
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    neighbours can smell attic grow

    Just a question...where does your intake draw from? Check this out...dual scrubbers You can also refill your existing scrubber with new carbon. Simple enough to do if you know how to use a drill.
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    Best nutrient choice .. anyone could help ?

    Roll with it...if it works on tomatoes it will work on other fruit bearing plants as well. No need to get caught up in all the fancy packaging and over priced hype.
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    How to make a good tea for bloom anyone?

    Compost...very cheap and effective.