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  • keep smokin. just swiched out my systems and made grand daddy purp clones things are lookin good
    Just smokin.:eyesmoke:

    Nice job on your grow! It should be getting a lot easier to grow in the attic soon. Do you have the same temp problems all year? I haven't had a chance to get through your whole journal yet, are you perpetual?

    I think I just found out my 1 and only Purple Jesus is a girl!! I should be cloning her soon and putting together a DWC tub. It's going to be a busy weekend!:bigjoint:
    hey keep updated with how your going i will be growing at the same time my set up will be same as yours but under 4 48 cfls and 2 t5s 3 cool white 3 warm whites thanks and good luck ps have you gown before
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