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  • Thanks for the reply. Your two journals on GC and WW were great. Its a nice thing you do with your journals sometimes it can be impossible to grower info on newer companies/strains. Again thanks for your time and GC recommendation I cant wait till mine arrive!
    Hey there, I just ordered green crack and chupacabra mostly due to your journal on the GC. I noticed in there you said you were going to grow out the chupacabra, do you have any info on it? Thanks
    I´ve reply to Your email today, my PM are enabled but I guess due to having zero post my account is not yet fully functional.

    Talk soon !
    First of all autoflowering marijuana is poor quality most of the time. but big bad john and long silver are infact annual and thats a big step in the right direction for autoflowering marijuana. thats why and only why im supporting these strains. because there annual.
    You don't want the lowest watts, you want the HIGHEST watts possible in your small space.

    Try 2 26 watt "cool white" 2700K spectrum bulbs. These can be found as cheap as 3 for $5 at Walmart, but are readily available just about everywhere you can buy light bulbs.
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