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  • looking for something quick mate .can you recommend some good seeds for me .what you think on BG41

    worth a go .? any reviews on them .

    dont know what to go for serious seeds MOTAVATION im looking at but bit pricey at £59.99 for 6.but get load free seeds with them
    Someone I know had a great looking pheno of the BG41 by barneys farm so I purchased some to see what it’s about.

    i usually stick to long time serving breeders and every now and again throw a freebie in to see what they’re like etc.

    I don’t bulk buy seeds I just buy what I fancy at the time of ordering.

    London seed centre
    The Vault

    are generally where I go.
    yeah mate i only buy 6 seeds only do 6 .like you say get freebies .try some them .but run out of freebies lol

    .doin my head in .so many to go at .so many reviews .

    where you buy your BG41 s from attitude ? barneys
    Got them from the vault but be warned they ship from Spain so take a little extra time to arrive but all are in breeders packs even the freebies.
    whats your thoughts on serious seeds mate ? can you recommend a good brand .? and a good seed .
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    The BG41 are currently the 2 smaller plants in my thread. Haven’t grown them out yet.

    they were planted over xmas Period.
    ho right .what was the ones what was hung ?
    Critical + the uppers from the scrog that’s still in the room lol.
    hi mate ,not been on forum for a wile ,its all changed anit .how you doing .

    done any new stuff ,

    Yeah not bad m8. Be aware this discussion is public so watch what you say.


    I'm buying a 400w HID with a medium Adjust-a-wing.
    I noticed at one time you had this set up.

    I'd love some advice about using the reflector to it's best advantage - distances you use etc.

    Hope you can spare a few minutes.

    Hi jondamon! How are you? i would like to ask your help if is ok!?
    I set in up 2.4x2.4x2 grow tent
    2 rhino filter 150x600mm (900m3/h
    2 Soler & Palau TD Silent In Line Fans 6 Inch 500m3/hr -580m3/hr
    4x600w sun master bulb
    and co2 pluse
    2x 5 inch fan for frees air

    I see you are very good to calculate about fan and filter
    Can you tell me please if this set up correct or not (if not what its your advise
    Thank you very much
    Hi Jon,
    Is it possible to PM you?
    I want to hear your opinions concerning a few things.

    For example
    As I am not really connected to people who I'd trust to supply top quality cuttings//clones the idea of starting from seed is appealing.
    However, it sounds quite complicated, with lots of potential for huge mistakes.
    and there's no way I could afford to start off 100 seeds - like I read suggested somewhere, recently.

    My plan was to do a crop of cuttings and, whilst they're growing, start a few seeds off under a T5 in a wardrobe type space....

    I'd appreciate hearing your opinion.
    Hi Jon.
    Thanks for all your help and advice.
    Instead of penny pinching false economy I'll max out the remaining £150 on my credit card for that awesome looking fan.
    The light gets posted tomorrow.
    £58 for a 600w ballast, 3 Sylvania dual spectrum bums (2 brand new) and all the cables to connect it all up. As well as a reflector.

    My cousin says he'll have cutting ready soon - but he's really unreliable and doesn't seem to know what strain he's growing....
    If all goes well I'll try and start from seed.

    PH and Temperature. Soil/Water nutrients.....
    What else am I going to need todo this test cycle you suggest?

    You're not from the North of England, are you?

    Hi Jon jus read your journal from a while back the 1 with the wilma with canna aqua nutes and what a good read it was loads of info and pics you are a credit to this site bud I jus wanna say sorry to hear about the raid a while after and glad you got up and running again a couple of month after :-) I myself have jus set up the same kind of set up am just wondering if you will be able to help if I run into any probs as its my first hydro grow in the same way but I have the wilma 8 pot 11ltr system just waiting on the blue cheese cutting ow which will be arriving next weekend any help with the canna aqua + addatives would be great fully helpfull :-) Groggsy
    Yes jon, sorry havent been intouch for a while. My last grow didnt achieve 1.5 per plant so kinda gutted, cant remember exactly but total dry yeild was about 20 oz. I got and germinated seeds 2-3 weeks ago, 10x big buddah cheese, 5x blue cheese and 5x ak48, intending on getting 5-10 high yeilding kush' in there to but will have to pull my finger out to do so. Gota say big buddah cheese was very impressive yeild, aroma, taste and high last grow. Im going to follow your guidance to the T this time, hope all is good for you, and have a good new year ;)
    Hi mate,

    I read a post somewhere on here where you mentioned the use of the SMS Controller or the SMS Fan controller.

    I am at a loss as to which one i should use on my intake and on my outtake. I have both SMS units.

    Would really appreciate the advice.

    Also without being a pain, do you use ferro products out of curiosity?

    thanks for the help my man!! I'm hoping, and thinking my critters are the Hypoaspis Miles
    m8 how do u go about drying ya weed out? do u trim ya buds whilst wet? hang them ?? just wanna know cos im thinking this week is chopping time .. i did one sat night cos it had matured quicker than my others so i had to knock up a lil dryin tent . but it seems fine enuff humidity is about 30% and temps 23ish... that sound ok ? i came to u cos u man av been a great help during my 1st time .. i dnt no everything but i no alot more due 2 ppl like u ..
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