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  • Hello, I made an account to contact you but I need to be more active in the forums in order to PM you. I was going to ask you about those forum posts about making THC vaporizer juice because you use some abbreviations like BHO, dram bottles and stuff like that. Then I read your most recent post and I thought oh fuck better talk to him before he pukes his blood out. I hope you are alive.
    Hey how's it going? Listen I read a thread and you seem like you know your stuff. Iam setting up a 4x4 gorilla tent with timber grow 600watt led. I have also bout a 6" phat carbon scrubber and a 6" vortex inline fan iam going to be setting up in my garage, can u give me a rundown of material and setup idea for my 4x4 stealth grow 3plants max
    Hey justugh idk if you remember me bit you helped me out a while back . Starting my second grow finally ordered all kinds of stuff. But having an issue with my plant 2 weeks in veg and the leaves are curling inward like a taco didn't have this issue before just hoping you could help me out once again thanks bud
    Hello justugh, I was going through some threads and I saw you are an owner of a MyDX?
    I would love to hear about your long term impressions, and if you ever compared it to independent lab testing?

    Many thanks in advance!
    Hey bro how you doing you helped me out not too long ago just wanted to ask you for a lil more advice lol
    I've been lurking for a year now. Trying to get a handle on COBs. Used cfl first. Worked. Kinda. Have 2 18"x27" x48" tall cabinet. Good airflow. Thinking 2 bars with 3 each 2530s or Vero 18's on them. 1 driver for each bar. I have cpu heatsinks and fans. What color is best for autos?? cree 4000K, 3500K ?? Need so help from an experienced grower.
    auto flowers like both
    blue tight inter nodes thick buds
    red light more bud over all taller but some fluffy stuff as it stretches
    Hey man, I read your post on using an IV, I have some info for you, Is there a way to private message or email you?
    Hi sorry i went radio silent, things have been crazy as hell around here. I'm putting the last of it in jars tomorrow. I'm so excited. Trimming is crazy busy work. I hope everything is fantastic in your world. I know y'all aren't getting rem sleep but I hope you're not exhausted.
    I've seen that you know your Co2 after reading around the forum. I have a 3x3x5.5' enclosure with particle board (1 layer), I calked every corner and crack. I sealed the door with rubber stripping and added clamps so it's air tight as well. My question is, this is in a bedroom. Will dangerous amounts of Co2 leak through particleboard? For this size grow should I choose a timer over a regulator?

    Thank you,
    Not sure how to pm. The wood shaving they use in swamp coolers i find chill the air better ive got a 4x4x4. Swaper. Took youre advice But instead. bought 2 apollo hort gl100 300w
    im gonna try an upload a photo soon to have u look at it it could pos be to much water but idk so I would rather ask a pro befor I go messing with shit
    yea im using the jungle series m-b-g at 2ml gal half str once a week an its been like that pretty much its whole stage
    hey my auto needs some help man the tips on the leafs are facing downward and folding inward I don't now what the cause could be maybe to much fert possibly or not enough water if u can help hit me up pleas thanks boss
    how long has it been like that and are u using chemical feeds
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