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    "DYNOMYCO WE WANT YOU" by OldMedUser

    Really like comparative test runs like this. I did one for Purple Maxx on here. It had 2 feeding methods so. 1 without either. 1 with in Rez no foliar. 1 both, 1 foliar nor Rez. Conclusion not worth it. subbed.
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    Clones from root rot plants

    As long as you haven’t noticed any wilt it’d be fine. I would just turn your lights down brew some Heisenberg tea (hydroguard, great white shark, ancient forest humus, black strap molasses) while you use hydroguard at double strength and then Top Feed with the tea. Should be recovered in a...
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    Jack's 321 Questions

    Have you tried supplementing mpk at 1 gram per gallon? The most successful recipe I have so far is: For a 9 Week Strain sized at (1x1) 4 plants in a 4x4 space Week 1 Jacks 3.6/2.4/1.2 at 75% Strength usually pretty loose with the Calcium Nitrate it’s more like 2.7 per gallon. Week 2-6 Jacks...
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    OG Raskal White Fire OG

    Colorado Dark Heart Nursery has The White and Fire OG. Someone could make their own White Fire OG seeds.
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    Days On Dagobah

    I agree, it’s been a while since we were even on the GDP thread. I appreciate your post bud, all the post I’ve seen of your work are very well structured by the way. Plus Ultra bud, Can’t wait for the 4th season.
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    Chuckers paradise...... Thought this might interest some people. It’s lab test from 1200 plus labs with multiple strains over 30% THC. Much more in depth.
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    Chuckers paradise......

    I don’t think every lab in my state will be unreliable. I plan to use many resources. I’m not selling seeds so I’m not hyping a product it’s medicinal. Thank you bud. lets hope one bottle is marked true, that’s what I’m looking for.
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    4th Grow--OG Kush & Gorilla Glue#4--

    Roger, Missed the part where you wrote you had 2x 200 watt Lights. Skip to page 2, there’s a post with a link to the book “ A practical guide for the soiless grower”. A book recommended by a respectable DTW grower. I’m about to be running coco...
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    4th Grow--OG Kush & Gorilla Glue#4--

    Roger, you could fit a 1000 watt in there and pull around 2 pounds. 45 watts seems low to spend 3 months of time on but if it works for you that’s all that matters. Good luck bud.
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    4th Grow--OG Kush & Gorilla Glue#4--

    I wouldn’t bag the seedlings. I wouldn’t want to have them harden off to the environment once I dropped the bag at a later time. I’ve barely grown in anything but hydroponics so maybe someone with coco experience will tell you something different or if it works for you. Are you using that light...
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    Days On Dagobah

    Thank you bud, I’m having electrical problems too, maxed out one of my circuits. No worries though, I definitely will read over a review if you type one up. I appreciate the prior advice on the Star Dawg as well. Very light feeders just took them up to 1/4 strength.
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    Chuckers paradise......

    That’s the base number I think I’m going to start with. I just found my true purple keeper after 60 plus seeds that were suppose to contain high Anthocyanin. Ninja Fruit Heath Ledger Cut. When it’s cloned the whole stem turns purple. I’ll be hunting for 30%+ THC with the Mark Cuban F1s.
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    Days On Dagobah

    Couple of my favorite AMVs, If you like anime I highly recommend “My Hero Academia”.
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    Knew this cat when MassRoots was big that swore by them. Had a lot of badass grows.
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    Heisenbeans Genetics

    Sweet pic man. You don’t mess with the peaky blinders. Hey Heisen did you ever get your RDWC Guide sorted?