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    Bitch ass neighbors

    Consider being more pro-active because you'll never know when a nutter like your neighbour will get just blotto enough to send the cops your way. I'd just get rid of that plant and go to the police myself. Show them that cooch pic and make a formal complaint for indecent exposure and harrasment...
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    Growing with household LED bulbs?

    I'd provide some decent heating for the room if you have cold temp issues.
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    Any idea on yield?

    2 ounces max.
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    Growing with household LED bulbs?

    It's very possible to grow good weed with household LED's. I'd ditch those CFL's.
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    Attitude seedbank freebie question

    I'm in Europe. Shipping would be £9.99 (13 USD). Freebies (regular seeds) each order are 2 x TH Seeds Darkstar Kush, 2 x TH seeds Sage 'n sour, 2 x Cannarado Frozen Margy, 2 x Rare Dankness Grape Ox and 2 x Trichome Jungle Seeds Mandarina X Afghan. Well worth 13 bucks.
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    Attitude seedbank freebie question

    I have a +- 600 Euro order ready. Can I split this into 3 x 200 Euro orders and get the freebies three times or do they limit this?
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    Growers choice seeds is a scam

    1 seed that doesn't pop is no reason whatsoever to call them scammers. I hope one day you'll become experienced enough to realize how ridiculous you sound.
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    Todd McCormick ON Haze crosses

    I was looking at some of the ON haze crosses, specifically Sour tangie x ON, Tangie x ON and Green Crack x ON, but there's barely any desrcription on the AG seeds website or grow reports. Does anyone have experience with the crosses I just mentioned? Are there other McCormick strains that are...
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    does condescending to trumplovers hurt their feelings?

    They're a bunch of screaming shit-throwing baboons, devoid of any human decency and intelligence. What feelings?
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    Do You Suffer From Cannabis Addiction

    Addicted, obviously, but I wouldn't call it "Suffering". A weed habit is something that's easy to maintain and keep at a VERY enjoyable level, if you're cut out for it.
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    Should you cut off fan leaves during flower( a simple poll just yea or no please)

    If you have to ask: NO. If you know exactly what you're doing: YES.
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    How to clean my grow tent?

    A bog standard mild liquid soap mix.
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    any ideas as to what is wrong with this plant?

    Yeah, it's gotta have something with to do with the light cycle. A light leak, interrupted night cycle, faulty timer,...
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    Donald Trump Private Citizen

    I keep hoping of course but seeing what he's already been getting away with his whole life, I don't see Trump or any of his despicable kids end up in prison.
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    Best Torrent Downloading Sites

    Rarbg and 1337X