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  • chillin chillin chillin my man got this Bud Ice and a lil purple space and I am gooood to goo! even got a couch to sleep on toinight with some chill ass mother fuckers-- life is good :] whats your story been lately?
    I've been good! how about yourself? got some really nice kush here right now :D i love the way it smells lol.
    dawg, nuthin much.. sippin on some Juice and feeling good! lol
    I just couldnt hold out till halloween to drink again!
    I've been busy as fuck though, I cant wait till next year
    Nah, its cool... I'm new here and dont know anyone so its not like I'm gettting tons of messages anyway lol
    Hope you have an awesome weekend! bongsmilie
    Oh cool. that sounds interesting. Thats funny about your friend.. it reminds of the guy that used to live across the street from me many years ago.. I used to buy weed from him regularly and then for some reason we lost touch.. then I went over there looking for weed a couple years later and he was in uniform and told me he was a cop and wasn't doing that stuff anymore. I was like oh ooook.. let's just pretend I didn't show up over here :oops: lol
    Just some reg. unfortunately.. my dealer has been slackin with the good stuff lately. Oh and I'm majoring in Criminal Justice. I know.. how ironic since I myself am a pothead haha hopefully by the time I'm done with school, weed will be legalized =)
    Haha niice. I'm doing good.. finally finished up my studying and now I'm just relaxin n smokin ;)
    hey man, not much news here.... but today I did get prescribed leen!
    leeny's got leen ;) lol whats new with you?
    hey bro, I've mostly been trying to deal with a bunch of crazies. apparently the town I work in has mostly "certifiable" crazies- they get a fucking crazy check from the gov.! lol
    but I got my mr.nice guy :) fucking amazing!!
    Originally it was a thread where someone was bitching about an infraction they got. Rollitup came and banned him for bitching.

    But it turned into something else entirely now. You'd have to read it, it's too much to explain.
    I just assumed it was the fdd impersonator, didn't even think about that! You are on a roll for noticing things I'm not...damn you!
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