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  • Hi everyone I'm new to this, so please be patient, my husband and I have been growing weed in. Northern cal.for alot of years and have been making a good living from it. But this year nouthing seems to be selling four. Anyone up here , we also bought a wax machine and oven. Because we wanted to do something with our shake but we were wondering if maybe we should just turn all our bud into wax
    Hey man question is it okay to put keif/drysift through a bubble bag set? Or would that just come out as wet keif?
    How long have you been rock climbing? Bouldering and lead climbs are my favorite.
    You should take it as a compliment. Someone took that much time and spent $$ to make a .com for you. You must be doing something right. And the real oilers know that budder blowers made it.
    Hey man I have been following your ice wax thread almost religiously for the past 3 months preparing to jump into the game up here in Washington state and try and make some super nice bubble, and eventually ice wax. I bought a 5 gal washing machine on Amazon that came with some cheap no name bags I dont like but they get the job done decently for my own personal extractions, for now, but no where near the quality im aiming for to bring to my local dispensaries. I really want a set of boldt bags or x-tractor bags but they are a little expensive, is there anyway you could hook a brother up with a discount on either of those somehow? If not theres no love lost, love the threads and your philosophy on sharing knowledge to progress this community of patients, both in your own state and others, peace love and unity.
    (cont'd 2/2)

    from a health perspective. I've never made BHO, but if I'm going to attempt it, I want to be very smart about it and mitigate any possible dangers. Eagerly awaiting your input, thx
    Hey I added you because I was intrigued by a few posts of yours. Basically Google led me to this site a couple days ago when I was conducting a search on BHO purging. I did some snooping, and it seems you really know some chemistry. You've got a great methodology in general. Now that being said, I can pretty easily tell that you're against using solvents for extraction, which of course is totally logical. Solvents are dangerous -- not only in the process, but also in the product. Carcinogens are no good, and neuropathogens such as inhaled butane are no good either. Given that I respect the dangers, I wanted to say that I do believe that if one is going about it the right way, one can remove solvents well enough to render the product completely safe for use. Do you agree? I would value your input. Putting aside your dislike for butane extraction, do you think it's possible to do a really good job with purging? I get the impression that most do not realize how important a good purge is,
    How are you my friend? I'm sorry it's been a bit since I've been able to chat; I have been really busy with work, as are we all.
    bad news with the work schedule dont know if i can make it to either weekend events you might have to rize up without me dab onbongsmilie
    age old? wow. i've always overlooked it, amazing the things one can miss. still 6 from 250 single spectrum, you have a gift!
    maybe we should streamline a template thread for vegan growing like a short readers digest only your info, sticky it and close it so there is a quick reference guide for everyone who cant seem to link back to pages they need.
    dam i didnt even see the kc 36 on the menu, ha love the strain so the ice wax must be amazing thanks,
    matt- about tp head to CCA tommorow for some concentrates and saw you got some new flavors of ice wax in, any favorites or reccomendations? i was lookin at the cosmic charlie or the master lemon.
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