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  • Matt, question for ya.. Do you ever run a straight water flush during flower? I have a bit of salt build-up on the outside of my fabric pots.. just wondering if I need to worry about it.
    Hello Matt,
    You made a comment on my post "Fast Buds GSC" last month. I'm just doing a single auto but would appreciate any advice. I am in coco and feeding just Mega Crop, from looking at a few of your posts you seem to be the guy to ask if I run into any issues. I am not a newb to growing, just been away from it for 5 years and a lot has changed. Thanks.
    Grazz you are in NY? I'm in Jersey. Would love to talk you about Coco. I have a few girls coming today and once germination occurs, I'm thinking of going Coco...just like you. ;) I have a question as far as how much to order. I was thinking of mixing coco and that suffice for autoflowers?
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