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  • How can I put a profile pic on my page.?.... How are things purp....I hear u had a kid?? Well same here...
    I's a Ganja Farmer
    I's a Ganja Farmer
    Click on your non-populated placeholder. It will take you to your channel. Again click the placeholder and follow the instructions to upload your chosen avatar.
    Hey have ya been... I was on here a couple years ago as moneygrower....I had to get a new setup but I'm back!
    Rather late but, Congrats on the birth of your son! May he bring you a life full of Great memories and love!
    Hey there,Im am starting a rather good size vertical grow and trying out a stadium set up.My question is what would be some of the better strains to do this with?All be doing it with soil and have a bunch of sour diesel clones that are ready but have read the northen lite farmers blog,and was very impressed with his production.Is the hash plant a good strain?
    I Been good i do a majority of my posting in the 600 or organic section everythings been good and growing how about u?
    I saw some pics you posted in a thread and was absolutely stunned, you seemed pretty knowledgeable about growing too, this years my third grow
    McPurple- FYI I have jumped ship and will no longer be posting on RIU due to the hired nazi moderators.
    I have never had any infractions or probs with mods, but they have just gone overboard with stupid rules.
    I joined under my same o/l name.
    A bunch of the older RIU members are crowding in so hope to see you my friend.
    Hey bro Thanks for the commets on my Marilyn's Peaks she is looking mighty fine indeed always nice to have a friend with weed.
    :clap:What up McPurp!
    Wanted to let you know your thread gave me the knowledge and inspiration for all my grows. Thanks for keeping this thing going to help all the new growers out there....
    Thanks again!!
    hey how would one find a grower? this guy at the clinic told me he gives 2 oz free a crop is that good? i know i give him the ability to grow 6 plants should i ask for more? Makes it to be about an oz a month. what do you think? I wouldnt sent this in a private message but i guess i cant? oh im ommp too
    its all good man.. thanks anyway i got some seedlings started.. just random bag beans but whatever.. we will see.. I kinda like not knowing what strains they are. -Peace
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