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    Time for the medicine: 7 winners will get their dose of Medical Seeds prizes in our latest competiti

    As a PTSD and ADHD sufferer, these strains would be good day and night medications if used together. Good luck everyone.
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    Old school breeders association

    This could be what your looking for, growing some of their all stars at the moment very happy with them.
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    Aussie seeds

    Southern Star Seeds are already in Australia no customs, have 2 of their beautiful females getting close. Got an allstars pack which is a mix of all their varietys so cant tell what varieties they are but one smells like oranges and the other is dank gonna be killa.
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    Win 100 Awesome Seeds with The Vault and Sweet Seeds!

    Was looking for an auto to try for next season(in Australia), Black Jack auto sounds pretty good.
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    how much do you pay for an ounce in Australia

    $200-$220 oz for A grade, up to $240 if it is a newish strain, elbows $2400 Adelaide prices The most I ever paid for weed $450 oz in the 80's and that was the special buds in middle of a kilo tied sticks.
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    Win big with Professor Paul Seeds and The Vault!

    Bean me up. Scotty.
  7. mogroith Valentines Day - Let's spread the love

    Had White Widow from 97ish until 2002, were not many seed companies then and being in Australia new strains were not easy to come by, stopped growing it because was given White Rhino, 2 different cuts of Jack Herer, and I think Warlock that was sick and never got to grow it, all in a couple of...
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    Past Day 96 On An Auto?? When Do I Harvest?

    Should pick your power board up off the floor, even though its not hydro it is easy to knock over the water container when your busy, and good practice if you up grade later.
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    isopropyl alcohol in oz

    They might be able to give you a lead for NSW, they are cheapest I have found.
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    Are You Ready for The Vault’s Biggest Ever Seed Giveaway?

    All of these comps make me realize how unlucky I really am.
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    Your latest seed purchase?

    Southern Star Seeds 2 x All stars packs 20 random seeds in each Rhino Cookies
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    Why the hatred for Autoflower strains?

    I have found auto flower very sensitive to heat, was given 6 auto seeds and only one made it we had a couple of hot streaks 4-5 days temps 38-43C. 3 popped but just shriveled up died had some 6 weeks older 2 of them just went slowly down hill after and had dead bits in with new growth would of...
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    Growing Medical to treat ADHD

    Hi, been treating my ADHD with weed for about 15years now, was not diagnosed til my 30'safter a long stint in hospital for chemical burns the nurses asked if I have ever been tested for it. First thing using cannabis for medication makes it very hard to find employment, have been unemployed...
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    Let's check what knocks you down the most

    Hot knifing hash (biggest rush from thc ever) Bucket or gravity bongs (my lungs cant handle these any more) pipe (90% of smoking) joint (10%) Smoke 2/3 grams a day, use it to treat PTSD, ADHD, depression and anxiety, when I am not out of medcine. Sitting down for a sesh with a bong dose not...
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    Marijuana for Ptsd?

    Have PTSD and been treating it with cannabis for years, for me a sativa works best during the day, then I mix a bit of couchlock weed at night to calm down and sleep(with my PTSD only sleep 20-40mins max) might manage to get 3 hours if i keep busy all day. Have 2 friends with PTSD that went down...