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  • Good to meet ya' Mohican. I appreciate your stopping by and the kind words as well.
    Currently the Bodhi beans are new to me and I really look forward to seeing how they come out.
    So far every TGA strain I have tried has been a winner. I really love the Chernobyl and currently have a Space Dawg that totally has a Chem-Dawg Turpentine fragrance, yum.
    Thanks i cant upload pics of seeds my phone sucks.i can try on desktop computer later.wish i gave u more buds to post pics in high times catagory.@riu. Thanks again .
    What sog#4 scotts og rare dankness what was #4 pheno dom. ? Triangle dom or ghost rd1 dom?
    I think it was triangle dom. The BX gave me some triangle children. I met the Swamp Boys at the cup this weekend. They grow the triangle.
    Hey met u at tga booth how did u like sugarbery and cookies outdoor.u gave me 2 sog#4 x ? What were the possible males again thanks. Glad i met u . R u going to sf cup? See u thrre bud if u go
    I'm not high at all, but I've looked at your Jamaican bat poop pic 3 times in less than two minutes. I giggle every time lol. Call me immature, but poop is funny stuff, even if it is bagged!
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    I laugh every time too! The fact that they label them from different locations is hilarious! I mean, if I am going to buy bat poop, it's got to be Jamaican mon!
    Thanks for opening my eyes to the TGA crew mate. Gotta say, it was like I was missing just something I couldn`t place and you dropped that MainLining in my lap. Gonna dedicate on of my babies to you bud and name her Mohican :mrgreen:

    KC :weed:
    Thanks 4 droppin in on my thread. Glad u enjoyed it. Been reading the hawaii thread a lot lately. Really enjoy all the old surfing stories. From a kid on the east coast could only dream of!
    Thanks for the rep! I am not in OC, but I was in the 90's. I am So Cal born and raised. I have lived everywhere from downtown LA to San Diego. Are you NorCal?
    GDP tastes like candy, strawberry and grape pez...and there is a spice kind of like nutmeg..Very tastey and strong! Imo Ken's got quality gear.. geting ready to try Ken's Kush soon
    P.S. that Malawi Gold is very impressive!!
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