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  • hi i usually veg for 6-7 weeks. i transplant into the final pots about a week before 12/12. i use both the organic liquids and solubles. i dont do a flush until the last 2 weeks of flowering and from then on just plain water until harvest. my final pots are 4 gallon containers and i use sunshine mix for the medium. i also use the foxfarms feeding schedule and modify it a little because i veg. longer than the schedule. i just use week for of the schedule for weeks 5,6,and7, then when i strt the flowering, i then start on the first step in the schedule for 12/12 nutes.
    wo beach green thats alot of stuff u dont need. 2 inline fans at 280 cfm u only need one for outtake and a hoel on the bottom of the other side of tent 1 4 inch inline fan at 171 cfm will pull the hot ait out and creat a vacum sealed room making the walls in close this is why u put a hole in the bottom and the pressure from the fan will suk hard enough to pull cool air through the hole. also u dont know if your breakers will hold to fans and light and other shit with out rewiring. also i did this with my 600 much hotter then the 400 and it worked great. and it saved me much extra cash. and aslo my fan was only on every 30 mins for 10 mins and it worked more then it needed to. just a thought before u go buy all these fans and shit. and just cuz its more spendy for sure odes not mean its better it could mean your just an ass who though got a good deal. but some are better. i bought the cheapest one and like i said it worked more then it needed to
    5x7x8=280 cfm. you need 2 fans that are rated at least 280cfm if not more. one for intake and one for exhaust.
    Ya your gonna need two fans 1 for intake and 1 for exhaust. The one for intake you wanna make sure can bring cold air in thru the bottom of the grow room and the one for exhaust will need to be mounted up highi outta the way and can be vented outside thru a window or straight up to your attic . The air needs to completely be removed from the grow room and you wanna replace that air on a constant basis to ensure proper co2 levels are mimiced. Get two fan both the same size as eachother. You may need two speed controllers too if you think you may need to keep the noise down a bit. I dont think you need a 440 cfm bro no way thats alot of air. Go with what i told you before 2 6 in inline fans. The more expensive the better the quality. The better the quality in the end. Let me know what you end up getting . See if i can help
    Well i really need to know what your room is like . Is it a tent? Closet? Bedroom? Give me a visual either in your own description in words or hook me up with a pic and we'll get you dialed in proper.
    We are trying to mimic the outdoors. Keep that in mind!! If you are growing in a sealed space ie.. a tent like mine you will need to have an additional 6 in inline fan intake to decrease the amount of negative pressure, which im sure you heard in that other conversation. As far as your plant #s 6 can be done easily with 1 400. Alot of people say that 6 is the max but i have proven different results. So if you have any more questions from here feel free to ask. The only way to learn in this hobby is to ask ask ask. Hope this helps
    Well based on your size's that you gave me, what you will do is take those measurements and multiply them ie... 5x7x8= 280 thats the total cubic feet of your grow rrom. That means that you will need to clear out 280 cubic feet of air space in a matter of 1 minute or less to properly ventilate. So again based off of that you will need to find a fan that is rated for atleast 280( cfm)= cubic feet per minute. Based on that fact you will need atleast 1 6 in inline fan. I would recomend hydrofarm or vortex. The more you spend the more you get out of your money. Dont ever sell yourself short on your grow...go big or go home i always say..lol . Ok. Now if you are growing in a closet you can pretty much just air condition the room your closet is in and add an oscillating fan to give them a cool breeze..this is esssential in any growroom period.
    lookin nice man. pretty plants too LOL (dig at your girl). have you switched the lights yet?
    well theiris a couple ways to sex a plant. i like to just let it veg till it shows prefloweres i usally have pre flowers at day 30 from seed sometimes its takes longer and somtime sooner. but yes u cantake cuttings off the plants and put them into 12/12 to sex. just keep track of which is wich. are you gonna use these clones ur using for sexing
    Hey everyone... I'm here to meet new, cool ,down to earth people... I'm new at the Internet and growing.... So if ya add me and bear with my newbiness..... We should get along fine.... If ur new too, maybe we can learn together.... If ur expeirinced hopefully ur willing to teach me a thing or two..... I'll be around so let me know ANYONE.......
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