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  • wher you been mate, all ok i hope, im on my 11th generation of p/e now. the police had all my lights and plants three months ago. fuckers.
    Alright mate i saw you was from the UK so i thought i'd get in touch with someone relatively local, im new to this rollitup stuff and im wondering whats the best way to get your posts seen so I can get some advice from someone a bit more experienced than myself. Maybe you could av a look if you've got a spare minute. Cheers fella
    How's you brother, Howard Marks is doing another gig in the factory in porth did you go to the last 1? if you did how did it go i'm asking because i might get some tickets sorted and pop over for the evening
    my man mrgreen123// all good m8 i pulled one of the 4 i av yesterday WW the mrs done the trim, lol, looks like it shud dry up to 1 ounce at least 2 more WWs still in there with my pineapple chunk, there all 8 weeks 12/12 tomorow , i just brought one out a few days early, need the smoke, lol, the other 2 widows look fine as does the PC bud wise that is, will leave them simmering for a couple more weeks let them ripen up real good !! just popped 2 vaniillakush from barneys and 2 skunk#1 from sensi seeds try somethink diferent.

    howz things at ur end, we had somethink in common if i remember rightly ,, are u nearly there urself ? ope alls well whatever stage ur at ! thanx for the interest , my camera as fucked up so i cant get decent shots but i will use my mrs htc fone not gr8 but decent enough and take some pics of the others when they come out, did not bother with the 1 that got culled yesterday as it was all eager beaver to get it trimmed up etc !! peace out my man !
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