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    Is it True That Marijuana Enhances Sex/Masturbation?

    Well, it's not 100%, but cannabis certainly can enhance all aspects of sexual behavior, IMO.
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    Montana Senate Resuscitates Medical Marijuana Repeal Bill 29-21

    The Governor has pretty much promised to VETO any repeal . . . but he is, after all, a politician and thus, who knows what'll happen. Win, lose or draw, THEY ain't never been the boss of me (since first toke in 66') and THEY never will be.
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    Anyone grown "Chem Dawg"?

    Re:How much water. Obviously a thriving root system is key, so I generally wait for obvious signs of lack-of-water stress, ie:sagging, then water thoroughly. Frequency is determined by environmental variables, like temperature, moving air, etc.
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    Anyone grown "Chem Dawg"?

    The sagging could mean over, or under, watered. With tube fluros, use shims to bring the plant up to the light rather than trying to adjust the light above the varying/different sized plants, you know, for best veg growth and an even canopy.
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    Best/Cheapest Doctor

    Some dispensaries are somehow selling cards to new clients, for as low as $35, as long as they sign an agreement to buy from them.
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    NL5, is she ready??

    You know there's no need to take the whole plant down at once, right? It's not unusual for me to harvest the "real" tops (top tops), then readjust my lighting and let the secondary growth benefit from a couple more weeks of better lighting before whacking it/them.
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    taking plants outside on a sunny day

    I suggest you don't move plants in and out of your space, due to the odds being you will infest your grow. You might find a product to spray them with prior to outdoor exposure, but something will likely lay eggs in your soil. A bright window will enhance your sunshine needs. Be sure to turn...
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    Proven Deer Repellents

    I came across this idea in the local paper today . . . lots of deer around here. Worth a try? Must be the clove oil? Anyway. "Last summer was the first year I was able to have blooming flowers in my gardens without the deer eating them as soon as they came up. This recipe is easy to make, keeps...
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    Hash . . . Would This Work?

    Perhaps I'll half n' half this batch and compare the net amounts. Thanks.
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    Hash . . . Would This Work?

    I was thinking re:ice water hash making . . . would it strip the glands any better, or easier, if I take the well dried, chopped product, place it in ice cold water, then freeze this mixture, thaw it out, and then proceed as usual for ice-water method? Anybody done this? Do you think it'd make...
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    *How To Make THC DROPS.

    While researching glycerin tincture creation this morning, I couldn't help but notice one claim that heating above 110 will destroy a batch? Having just read this entire thread, I see FDD's reached 127, but can't fathom such eliminating a heavy buzz from the result, considering the amount of...
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    Over maturing for sleep

    From what I've gathered, it appears THCA is simply the pre-dybox (non-heated) chemical.
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    Over maturing for sleep

    Do you know the difference the "V" makes in the final product? (Laymens' terms?) I've just almost de-toxed from a nasty 11 year opiate addiction (Day 7) and am still too brain dead to comprehend much. Stay away from pills kids. Ain't worth it.
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    Over maturing for sleep

    I use Bushmaster to control the sativa s t r e t c h . . . it does help. I just need to cure fibromyalgia w/herb.
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    Hemp Oil

    I seriously doubt the oil you speak of is anywhere near as potent as the Simpson oil. Ricks' oil is super concentrated, as in a pound of all buds makes about 2 oz's (55-60 mL) of medicine. The cost in a shop would be prohibitive to most, IMO. He gives his away. I grow mine. We made a small...