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  • Hehehehe I don't remeber much. cause I was like a toddler, but I was born at home lol no hospital hahahahaha!!!! and my mom used no drugs... I was like ya right forget that hehehheheehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On my signaturte mate theres 2 sigs pal one for 10 posta per page one for 40 posts per page mate hit one of them mate
    do you get much snow in the winter where you are at? depends on elevation i suppose.

    and anything above 90 is too hot for me lol. i hide in the a/c in such cases :D
    hows the weather been down your way lately? new england has been all over the place, days with a high of around 60 then these last few days have been mid to upper 80s n im back to battling heat buildup.
    at least shipping was free but yeah...spent bout 120 on 6 bulbs :p

    guna have them 6 spread evenly betweeen 8 3000ks. my indica doms are already shooting pistils on day 4 of flower so i cant wait to pump more red light in there!!!
    yeah i read on a site that their 48 inchers are actually 46 inches pin to pin.... god dam they make it complicated :p i bet the fixtures are 48 but the bulbs arent.

    thanks alot! im getting two super actinics as well as 4 sun reds. you convinced me to dive in with some of the blues instead of the 6500k i have now. :)
    hey bro, i lost the link to e aquarium site with the 48 inch sun reds. all i can find are 46 inch or the oneplace i found with 48 inch are 22 each.
    welll to be clear...i stil have my HO's that are 4 years old and none have failed. they just are a bit dimmer then they were when new.

    will the VHO's susutain the same output for twice as long or just take twice as long before failing?
    how much longer do they last at optimum output compared to HO? the HOs i use ar erated for 12-18 months of use
    they are HO. and not just easy to find, they are about 1/4 the cost of the sun red and actinics
    i've used the 6500ks for veg with excellent results so i guess i am pretty loyal to them performing well. and yes, always pretty short compact internodes with t5s. plants generally have longer internodes when they are trying to get closer to their lightsource to get more light so perhaps under t5s the plants get enough light where they arent interested/concerned in getting closer as they are already perfectly content.

    this is the bulb i use. idk much bout its spectrum but it appears a purplish color when on. emits UVB rays for reptiles and works great for plants too as far as increasing resin production.
    i've been using UV in my flower room for years but i use reptisun 10.0 compact flourescent bulbs. i just hang a couple amoung the t5s. so i will have the uv present regardless. and i will have a decent amount of blue light from the 6500k bulbs.

    there was a grat video on UV light's relationship to THC production but it was taken down :(
    you really think its worth it to get the blues for a flowering room? im willing to try it if ya think thats best but i was assuming adding in more reds would help my girls flower better.
    hey bro :) so i want to try some of these bulbs but they are so pricey I been thinking of just investing in 3 of the red suns for my flowering room. they will be used along with mostly 3000k with a few 6500ks as well. Do you think that will work well for me?
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