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    Lets See Your Outside Plants

    Only thing I’m worth is my weed stash.
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    Lets See Your Outside Plants

    We’ll I’m an old bitch then. Sue me. Truth though.
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    Sunshine Advanced # 4

    Gypsum and limestone in the Sunshine already, but probably not an excess of either. How big is the plant. A small plant in a small pot and I’d skip those extras. A bigger plant in it’s final pot and I’d add them, maybe not 100% of the amount, I’d probably try 3/4 dose the first run.
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    Lets See Your Outside Plants

    Yeah I don’t hang out in his thread; I saw his avatar with the other users name and thought it was fucked-up so I sent him a link and got a BK’n for my troubles. Our personalities seem to clash.
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    Lets See Your Outside Plants

    Yeah in hindsight I guessed something like that. BK goes at it with anyone who doesn’t worship him as the god of knowledge he knows he is. Too much ego and sarcasm for me, but thanks for the heads up.
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    White Foam, week prior was brown sludge.

    Hi @Skittlez12 . @rkymtnman is right, those nutes aren’t so hydro friendly. I think I remember something about not using aeration with them, but it’s 3-4 years since I used the Bio line. It’s good in soilless, so you can use it there. I don’t know your new nutes, but I love the ease and $ of...
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    What dehumidifier to get?

    I live in Eastern Canada and my house is the driest in winter. I still run dehumidifiers in my grow to keep the RH around 50% in flower. Veg I don’t really need them but flower needs to be 50-60 so the plants don’t get molds or mildews and they transpire a lot when they’re popping in flower, so...
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    Want to make sure everyone is good

    Another Trailer Park fan. Aren’t you in the States? Makes you wonder why the guy who always has a drink in his hand is driving… What make of car is that; an old Dodge? I thought Julian was/is a big Mustang guy.
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    Led wire thickness

    I was wondering this exact thing, as I noticed the Meanwell drivers use 17 gauge on the output wires and my LEDs use 18 gauge wire to connect to them. I thought there might be efficiency in using a 16 gauge wire instead of the 18. Guess not on such a short run. Guess I was overthinking it too.
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    Is it safe to make edibles from questionable buds?

    For that matter I have PM on one of my outside plants right now. It’s the only one not getting hit by bud rot, just PM, so it’s getting cut last. I don’t really like the taste of the outside weed that much, but I’ll smoke a bit of all of them to see how they taste as they’re all new varieties to me.
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    Is it safe to make edibles from questionable buds?

    I use it for edibles. I get bud mold and p.mildew outside and I trim it off when I cut, but I’m sure I miss some. Plus I don’t wash it in h2o2 like I probably should, so I consume at least some. How long have you been into weed? I’m sure over the years we all have gotten weed that came from...
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    Lets See Your Outside Plants

    I tried to be nice to the guy. Saw another member was using his avatar so I went to his thread and gave him a compliment and a link to the member, just some new person, probably didn’t know who the “lion” of RIU is. Jumped all over me for it; you just can’t be nice to some people. Trimming on my...
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    Lets See Your Outside Plants

    Taking a break from trimming, fighting with BK, you know, the usual. Peace.
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    BK’s shit show

    I wasn’t trying to stir up shit at all you jackass. I actually gave you a compliment. Fuck you and your shit head attitude, you can’t even be nice to people like you. I’ll never look at your journal again asshole.
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    Please help! What is this?

    Why would you flip to flower in such a small pot? People use clear pots, but I think they’re more prone to algae growth. Get decent pots or fabric bags to grow in. 3 gallon is small but it might work on small plants, 5 or 10 are better choices. I like a bit bigger because you put fluids on less...