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  • I registered so I could chat with you and one other person about Klamath.
    I am disabled and in Virginia right now...draconian state if ever there was one...along with terrible laws.
    I know they say Klamath has a smell to it, but of the places out there I looked at, it seems like the only place one can buy a decent small house for under 60K.
    The crime rates look very low and the town/city itself looks good to me.
    Could you send me an email? I have tried about ten places to get someone to talk to me from other sources and they are all worried about some friggin thing or another...??? Like I will pop through the screen and get them in their sleep LOL
    I am looking to do a small indoor grow for myself, but need to know what the real scoop is on the card and what REALLY happens in that area...before I make a move.
    could you shoot me an email please?

    I could use a bit of advice and a few questions answered.

    Thanks Man
    So how do you have private conversation on this site? You need to send me your number so I can call, its been a few!
    Mr Ganja... :weed:
    Crazy place to find you brother!!! Care to guess who this is??? I would PM you but I can't!
    Hello, scrutinize your project and commend them for the success I'm sure that you never been easier! I start my project which is also educational in the sense collects information from the best hydroponics seers, and it prilagame.Shte be happy to join me and my project. Thanks in advance!
    Discretion is the better part of valor... It's great you give 6 1/2 lbs thats so much weed to give away but you never mention that you may sell 100 x that amount soooo... The med scene seems to be Gettin you a tidy profit . People latch onto the idea that weed should be free once they hear I give away at least ten pounds a year but fuck man if you broadcast it like your sum martyr you look like a fucking ass diggin for thank yous from a bunch of greedy farmers like yourself
    hey whats up i wanted to ask ya when ya get a chance take a look at my grow thread. its labeled my first real grow socal style! In the outdoor section thanks a lot!
    hey there i reaplly can do withyour help bro! one seedling hase died i really dont know why, two look like they about to die and other 2 seems little bit ok just have stoped growing !!!!!!! im really stressed out dont know whats going on
    Dude, good luck Elk hunting. When I lived in Washington I hunted Elk for 10 years. Got 1 & 1/2 elk to show for it.
    I've been trying to figure out how to send you a photo. The biggest elk shot in Nevada last year with a bow. Shot opening day Sep 09. Green scored 401. I think it's too early for an official score, have to wait 1 year.

    P.S. I could post it on your greenhouse thread, but I wanted to ask first. Anyway it's a huge elk!
    hello agin bro got problem mj is being eaten buy some thing ,the tips ov my j look like caterpela eaten them but looked very extensivley and cant find anything on my mj just some rouned paches on leafs ,no flys ,
    Nice grow man! Also your video on youtube is badass!! Keep growing big man!!!!!
    hello bro long time need some info on hermis, think i have 2 ov them, 3wk in to folwer got some sort ov ball but thers no polen , i have seen some times on some bud littel flowers look like hermis but r not
    hey i tried to send a pm and it says your pm box is full and cant take nay more messages.
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