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    Study finds HPS spectrum results in higher photosynthesis rate (per light quanta) than LED spectra

    The original HLG QB288's came in 2700k. I still have 4 of them going strong. When I originally switched from HPS to LED I only ran the LED a few times before switching back thinking it was the light. It was the environment. I couldn't regulate anything in the current tent situation and...
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    bodhi seeds

    Purple leopard at 78 days
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    bodhi seeds

    Purple leopard at 64 days
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    bodhi seeds

    Snow leopard.
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    HLG 600's and leaf burn

    I'm still running both HID and LED in my flower side so hopefully, I can dial the soil in sooner.
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    HLG 600's and leaf burn

    True. I have no way of telling if it is LED or just not getting my recipe for the soil just right. Eventually, I'll be able to just use water and for now, I'm good with needing just one bottle for flower. I'm focusing on removing that one extra step during watering and eliminating that cost.
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    HLG 600's and leaf burn

    I agree. I do find it to be true so far tho. I'm trying to switch over to a fully amended soil and just water. Only on the 2nd run so far and I'm finding that I do need to supplement with a basic liquid bloom fert. I will be adjusting the next batch of soil that I start to see if I can figure...
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    Black Candyland by J.O.T.I/Seed Junky genetics

    That looks frosty! Real leafy tho
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    Do LEDs have a benefit if heat is no issue.

    I run my CMH for that extra heat and because it is a kick-ass light for only 315watts. I run it squished between my LEDs. keeps that temp right in the 80's. The LEDs do produce some quality buds.
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    Issues around stretch, stacking, and density with 600W HPS lights.

    are they both digital ballasts?
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    cant get off 20c

    In that article oil-filled heaters are listed as a convection type of heater. "Convection type space heaters warm the air which in turn warms you. Included in this category are baseboard electric heaters, oil or water filled radiator style heaters and basically any type space heater that burns...
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    Any HLG Scorpion R-Spec grows and harvests?

    I wouldn't upgrade. I'm running 4 QB288 V1s and 4 QB288 V2's and the plants look identical. The only difference might be the V1's are 2700k and the V2's are the 3500k so they do have a bit more leaf on the 3500k side
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    What are you smoking today?

    Peyote Critical from Barney's Farm.
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    What are you smoking today?

    Peyote critical