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  • hey noticed you have the 2x3x7 grow tent , just baught one simliiar today, where did u place everything? like inductor ,carbon filter etc
    Hey 1-3 whats crackin. Hey, i was wondering what your exhaust looks like with blinds off or from the outside. You always keep ur window open with blanket on bottom or something? This is one of the things that worries me bout apartments. Any additional info would be appreciated.
    What's up 123B4? Our setups are very similar, only I have 2 tents (1 for veg, 1 for flwr) and mine's on the other side of my bedroom wall. I have portable a/c too. Just dropping by to give props on the fan housing you built. ; )
    impressive sog grow! one question..i'm also doing a sog. can you tell me if the ppm you have in your thread should be followed using the same nutes but in a hydro set up. if not, where would i get the ppm #'s i need. TIA and congrats on the sog
    Hey man, i read your thread on your first SOG grow, i gotta say you produced very well for your first time. You mentioned being somewhat of a newbie grower but you definitely grew like a seasoned grower!! I am a novice grower and I was hoping you could give me some advice and insight about your grow as Im looking to grow a sog method perpetual way.
    -In your set up did you hand feed, or did you use a fill and drain system?
    -if soil any raeson why you didnt use a fill and drain system?
    -How often did you feed with noots??
    -What type of instrument do you use to check ppm levels? What should the PH of water kept at?
    -What distance did you keep your light from the plants?
    Again I would really appreciate your advice!!! I hope your new crop is DANK!!!
    hey in ur sound control thread what is that black covering over your ducting does it make the ducting more quiet and where can u buy thx
    i seen the pic u posted with ur set up in ur room i like that a lot do u have more pics or videos i can see or osmthing how the inside looks and how u build it and shit?
    I was looking at your GDP SoG setup and was wondering, when did you switch to 12/12 light, when they were about 6-8inches or less?
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