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  • Hey man, I read your thread about premature seeds that you found in your Plant's preflower pistils when I was trying to see how to fix the same problem I'm having. I'm just wondering if those were actually small seeds that had started forming, or if maybe your plant had not been pollinated? I have found that every single preflower pistil I have on a 2week in flowering bush has these premature seeds in the base of the calyx.
    I had a hermie pollinate out about 5 weeks ago, but I did not wash my equipment or ducting. So I'm wondering if risidual pollen could have reproduced with my new babe.
    Thanks, -John
    im inviting people to my thread to post the best buds or pics they have if u want to post post on last page of doggies nuts thread on the general marijuana forum mate...hope to see you there..
    nothing super about today mate buried my mum this morn..ill support your app in staff discussion now for ya
    (continued) And my friend, it's people exactly like you that we are wanting to give it too. Of course it's going to still be awhile before it's ready, and it is a swag grow. Albeit, the flowering room already has such a great smell to it, it makes my mouth water. I gather from the posts here that you are doing your own grow, but if not or something happens, keep us in mind. And if you need help with your grow or anything else and your not to far away, we'd like to help. Again Thanks for your service to our country. Ps- You wouldn't believe how much metal I have in my back.
    Hey there, read some of your post about the crap you took for asking a question in a forum. The thing is all of your points are 100% correct. My old man and I have a great respect for vets, especially those who service to us and our country cost them dearly as you have stated. We both have our AZMMC. That said we are doing a legal medical grow. Currently we have 23 plants and started the grow a little late. 2 flowering, 2 sexing and the rest vegging. We do have it on youtube under authorized to cultivate and Mynana420. So here's the deal what it's cost us to grow is so far less than what we see everyone else putting into it that we can afford to just give away some of our extra.
    Cool man! I'm glad you liked that movie. Personally I thought it was fucking BAD ASS. You mentioning your Irish blood I had to tell you about it!
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