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  • By the way, you are a very attractive lady. I'm glad we don't know each other because you seem like a huge pain in the ass but you are pretty.
    You asked if I was an LDS smoker. Well I do a bit. Closet smoker and I will have to quit if I start going to the temple to purify my body. I have a depression problem and it helps me get through the rough spots of my marrage with out putting my wife through hell. I figure if I can take a doctor prescribed med. that have serious side effects then God will understand my choice.

    I hope this doesn't change your view of Mormons. I'm probably like one in a thousand. I just choose the more natural method and only when I get depressed. I have highs and lows. No big deal. It HAS helped the marriage.

    What's your belief?
    I was just bein a dork... I think it's all the foliage around your head... Don't wory so much- was supposed to be a cute comment... :P I didn't mean a xmas elf- but more like Liv Tyler in Lord of the rings... Okay? :)
    Thanks pigtails... Now I can say you've really helped me with my public image... ;) You look like a little elf princess in your pic... Speaking of which, the link with the pic had some info that the prequel to lord of the rings is almost complete- you know "The Hobbitt" I am so stoked- I have always loved those books/movies ever since I was a kid...
    all the pics today are 287 onward 32 days flower and 294 onwards 32 days flower...for the fellow growers out there that are interested...my thread is doggies nuts on general marijuana page...
    Yea this is my first time i got Roadkill, Headband, Skywalker OG, GG(GodsGift) & Kyrptonite OG i had a 250 but tha damn ballast went out so i returned that bitch and my dad gave me a 400, it says mh hopefully it works for hps too, i gotta look it up online, oh i also got a 3 bagseeds going, they are about a week in, they are either Grape Ape or Grapefruit Romulan
    haha no problem. The avatar is meant to throw people off......just not meant to make people think Im a chick. lmao.

    now I must change it.
    "Hey grilie! I'm 100% rip your head off too! =D" did you mean to say "girlie"? .......

    Im a dude lol
    Yep, that's me. My brother is into photography and he saw a photo very much like that in an exhibit. We just tried to recreate it and this is what we got. It is not as good as the original though.
    Thanks =) it wonderful to talk about growing period lol but it sucks when you have to hear are you hot? be my girlfriend JAJAJA super lame..!!! what are you growing?
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