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    What Are You Listening To? Great jazz album.
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    quiter inline fan option

    If my memory serves me right, yes it was quieter. But I did have more ducting in that setup, so it might have altered the sound.
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    quiter inline fan option

    S&P TD-Silents are decent. I have the 350 and 500. But the best fan I've used was the Isomax. Also remember to use acoustic ducting.
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    Looking for dry herb vaporizer

    Healthy Rips Fury Edge or Rogue. Perfect portable, especially with the dosing capsules. Hmm those do have a small silicone part though, but you don't have to touch it at any point.
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    Best bud swelling nutrients??

    I don't even want swollen buds, give me that fluffy shit any day.
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    Stay away from ILGM!!!!!!!

    New account, first post, dissing a seed company. Where the fuck do these people come from? I'm surprised you didn't start a new thread screaming how you were scammed.
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    Passive intake vs active

    Remember to use acoustic ducting. Also pushing air into the filter instead of pulling through it will lower the noise quite a bit, the carbon filter will act as a silencer.
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    Expirience with Sweet Seeds?

    I've grown their Black Cream, Dark Devil, Red Poison and Cream Mandarine Fast Version. The Black Creams were dark purple and smelled like liqorice, Dark Devils were also dark purple and had a really sweet soda pop smell, Red Poison was basically an automatic Pakistan Chitral Kush, green and...
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    Mars hydro leds not fully turning off

    Ah. What a satisfying end (?) to a thread.
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    Mars hydro leds not fully turning off

    Eh. Better and better. I like having the option to just STICK IT IN, without having to worry about a third prong.
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    Beware "SEED BANK" - for they are crap

    All your posts are just about dissing that place. Seems legit. [edit] It's so freaking strange, so many new (or inactive) accounts that come here and only post how they were scammed, then fuck off never to be heard from again? Like why the fuck are these people not even doing research on basic...
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    Plants not looking too good

    The pots are too big for the plants. It'll take a long time for them to be able to handle being constantly wet.
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    whats your favorite game while stoned?

    I got the 34" Acer Predator X34 GS. I was thinking of the X38, but couldn't justify paying 2200€ for a display. It's a nice display, especially since I don't multitask or do work on my computer. The curvature is... kinda silly, I think I could live without it.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    One of my favourites from the past year.
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    whats your favorite game while stoned?

    Just got an ultrawide display today, it's interesting to check out games in the new resolution. Even Quake has ultrawide support!