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  • Hi I found out today my Dad has cancer. I’ve been searching how to make RSO and have stumbled upon info about coconut oil and decarboxylation. I’m out of my depth and desperate for some help and guidance. Time is of the essence so I want to start as soon as possible but want to be sure I’m doing it correctly. I’m desperate please help. Thanks
    Chris mirage
    Chris mirage
    Okay if you still need help on that let me know
    Hi I’ve done quite a bit of reading and I’m fairly comfortable with how to make it and I now understand decarboxylation. I’ve opted for a distiller but wondering weather I should using rashig rings or not? I’m thinking about mixing the rso with olive oil instead of coconut oil, but unsure on ratios. I was thinking 1:1 but worried about the two oils separating once inside syringes.
    I found this page last week and started reading, I haven’t been able to step away. I found myself reading some of your postings from 2013 and am grateful for every word you posted. I have gained more knowledge and understanding from your discussions then from health professionals and so called experts. I am now confident in my treatment and pain management.
    I have been trying to create the best delivery system for my medication. Now I will go and make my mixture with a new appreciation of the relationship between THC and fat. Words can not express how much your knowledge and willingness to help others have impacted my wellbeing. Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
    So I would like to use an effective but benign solvent. I have a supply of indica. Is food grade ethyl alcohol like Ever Clear good? Is isopropyl alcohol preferable? Can I get a good extraction with coconut oil? I have no experience with this. Am trying to help her. Thanks for any help.
    I don't know how to PM you, but I have some questions I hope you can help me with. I saw a thread where you had a critical attitude about Rick Simpson. My wife has breast cancer for the third time and I want to make some oil for her. I read the Simpson stuff and am alarmed by the toxic solvents. I read a Dutch study that revealed that contrary to what Simpson says, the solvents are detected in the final oil.
    Hey man I think I read somewhere that all you grow is landrace. Thats what Im into as well. Anyplace you get yours that I might have access to? Recommendations on any breeders and their gear? Thanks.
    Can you link me to a tech on qwet or qwio.. Looking to turn bubble hash into oil for vape liquid.. How would you go about that sir? I have the material so maybe just straight to an ISO wash? Shoot me a pm if you can
    i read your reply to "different curing methods" with interest. your opinion on "vacuum bag" curing vs jar curing would be much appreciated. the youtube video i saw on vacuum bagging was from the michigan medical marijuana (MMMReport) thanks and best wishes for a continued successful grows.
    Tell me everything you know about those landrace mexicans... I'm curious. The Guerrero that guy was growing looks like an indica hybrid. I'm hoping those 40 year old beans are the real deal though.
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