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    Best way to view trichomes??? Please help.

    I use this. Works for me.
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    Plants in flower? Let’s see them!

    Thanks Bro!
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    Plants in flower? Let’s see them!

    Gelato top pic, GG4 Bottom Pic. Week 8 Flowering...
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    Copycat genetics

    You can email him, he’ll give you the sale if you ask.
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    All those lights don’t amount to a high PPFD at any part of your tent. You’ll get light intensity to flower your plants but you won’t get maximum yield.
  6. R seeds bank grow

    Wow. Not good. Thanks for sharing.
  7. R seeds bank grow

    Scammers need to be called out. @GelatoSeedsUSA shame on you. I have 8 plants from you on Veg. Will be flipping next week.
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    Watts and PPFD are two different things. What kind of lights you have? Don’t go by Misleading LED company Advertising.
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    Probably means Light intensity, Plants really thrive with the light intensity up to 1500ppfd with CO2.
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    Copycat genetics

    Agreed. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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    Copycat genetics

    Looking frosty. Good shit.
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    oscillating fan 27/7 when flowering?

    I keep my oscillating fans 24/7, as indoor growers we do things to minic nature or improve on it and in nature there is always wind, therefore I run my oscillating fans 24/7, also for small spaces it helps cut down on any mold issues and keeps airflow moving..
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    New roi-e720 available in few days. Would this be a better upgrade from 1000w se hps?

    many updates with the 720s?Did the problem get resolved and if you did exchange the lightshow are they performing now? Thanks in advance.
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    Copycat genetics

    *fire emoji*
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    Right amount of PPM for nutes

    You don’t really need CO2 during the lights off time and anything above 1500 ppms is a waste. Try keeping the PPM between 1200-1500. More CO2 is not better.