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  • Don't let anyone else tell you how to think. Stay true to yourself and learn as you go.
    You don't need fake recognition, fake platitudes and insincere praise to do your thing
    Treat others the way we wish to be treated. Whether U like it or not we are in this thing called life together.
    Gonna deal with massive project of cleaning up the flooding of my home
    What you call government is actually a well-staged production aimed at satisfying the public
    Michael Huntherz
    Michael Huntherz
    No. You are oversimplifying it to an unreasonable degree. You need to get a more mature view of what “government” is and what it does. It is not a single thing and it is not all bad. There are millions of people who work for governmental agencies at various levels, just in the US, who care as much as you do, who are as humanitarian as you are, and who are doing their best to improve things just as you intend to.
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