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    Vert(600+400) 5 plant, from Ukraine with love

    Седан, ну ты даешь. Дзаги все?
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    Win Original Sensible Seeds for free at The Vault!

    Brus banner 3 - good marryjane Vault - nice market
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    260 градусов Цельсия под линзой и 120 без линзы на кобе кри 3590 при комнатной температуре 25 градусов.
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    TH Seeds Promo – Win MK Ultra Feminised Seeds

    MK Ultra = very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy, Oh very
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    Led placement

    1 cob is bad/ 4 cobs is good/
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    LED Companies w/ LINKS
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    Sorry/ My english is very bad

    My love's country. middle Asia. 01.may 2017. landrace. THC - I don't know?, but is powerful
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    Quick and Dirty Citizen 1212 build

    Thanks Cobby.
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    Sorry/ My english is very bad

    thank you very much. allover height 30 santimetr above plant.