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    Puffco - Customer Service

    I've opened several tickets and requests all of them over 30 days ago. Placed a hold on the charge with my bank and filed a BBB report too. I just received a email from them asking for the order number that has been supplied at least a half dozen times. A class action lawsuit in Arizona was...
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    Puffco - Customer Service

    Purchased a Puffco and arrived dead out of the box. Never worked/never used. Reached out to Puff customer support via email since NO phone support is available. Waited over a week and never heard from them. Filed a dispute with my charge card and BBB. A class action lawsuit (arizona) over...
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    Hyroot hope all is well. Miss your posts. Anything new?

    Hyroot hope all is well. Miss your posts. Anything new?
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    New to Traverse City

    Relocated to Traverse City Michigan. Looking for a provider that typically has a couple of strains (Day/Night) grown organically (if possible) using an IPM method (if possible). I don't expect my usage to be more than 1 or 2 ounces a month, but have some serious health issues so it could...
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    50000 square feet. Colorado Legal rec grow

    Wonderful photos! Wondering the details on your preventative sprays? What do you use, how often, etc. Micro sprays are just the bottom part of the plant?
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    Donald Trump Leading The Republicans

    Really, will you feel the same way if Hillary wins? Any others? As American, I've found each election harder to vote, since I'm usually selecting lesser of the two evils. In the past Trump has been quoted as saying he would make drug legal and tax it. I'm down with that. I vote green.
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    Dosing for Cancer patient

    I agree with your comments on the simpson oil, it makes sense. Any details on making the hash this similar to the dry sifting method, using screens like the thanks again for the good recommendations...
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    Simpson Oil - Cancer Patient last hope

    I'm looking at preparing Simpson Oil in the next few days for a cancer patient who has an non-operatable tumor using 16 oz of organic buds. Strains: 10 oz of Berry Bomb 6 oz of Iced Grapefruit. Hand trimmed. Cured for 30 days. Simpson's Oil recipe differs from his website vs Facebook...
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    Dosing for Cancer patient

    Why would you avoid simpson oil? How would you make hash oil pills? Coconut oil instead of mct oil? A cancer patient is in need of a miracle. A cancerious tumor has returned and cannot be removed and wants to try simpson oil.
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    Recycled Organic Living Soil (ROLS) and No Till Thread

    Has anyone found that Neem Oil absorbed in soil negatively impacts micro life? The Rev recommends covering the soil to prevent Neem Oil from getting into the soil.
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    losing 50lbs (at least)

    Feed yourself. If you wake yourself up in the middle of the night and have a protein shake or quality protein it tells your body that food is abundant. Watch the muscle/fat pile on...
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    I am going to detox tomorrow...

    Good luck. I remember reading a book "In Control", from ex-nfl football player Thomas Henderson where he talked about the need to find a hobby or something to replace a bad habit with. Something stronger than the habit you want to stop. We all have a limited amount of will power each day, I...
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    Hyroot's Garden

    Will green light affect the plants photo period? Flowering? Stress?
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    Just ordered the Attitude Christmas Promo

    Ordered on the 5th received today. I guess breeder packs are not available anymore when requested. A nice pair of socks.
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    Having troubles increasing my yield

    I'm wondering why not ideal? Less watering and/or feeding?