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  • Hey dood, I JUST got your message I've been super busy and don't have time to grow anymore :( It's gonna change soon though! I'll check it out.
    Hi Jacob. This is indeed my first grow using only one part of a nutrient formula. I got the idea from Scottyballs, who did a great scrog grow with a single Pineapple Express plant that yielded nearly a pound.
    Hey Serapis! Im stoked you accepted my friend request because I think we got off to a rough start!! Is this your first grow using only Flora Nova Bloom?
    hey Serapis, what happened? Thought it was odd to see your whole profile drop off like that...
    I'm glad to be abck on the forums. I missed them very much. If anyone tried to hit me up in last two weeks, you should be able to now.

    Happy growing!
    They are doing great. If I ever figure out to set up a journal and keep unwanted comments out, I'll start another one with hydro. :) Remind me in 4 weeks and I'll pm ya the dry weight.

    sORRY mATT, i HAVE NO IDEA ON THOSE. tRY A GOOGLE SEARCH AND SEE IF YOU CAN FIND A GROW OR A REVIEW ON THAT MODEL. I'd much rather have white as the 3rd spectrum than orange because white covers all spectrums. If anything, orange should be a 4th, not a 3rd. imo
    Hey Serapis sorry to bug you, I just wanted to know if you knew anything about these 240w lighthouse blackstar LED panels. They are 3 spectrum lights, red, blue and orange. I'm thinking of picking one up. Anythoughts?
    Hey Serapis, what kind of LED back Panels are those in your pic? Those would be much better than the Mylar I have lining my closet. I like them!
    Let's see, 10 day old plants, put under a brand new untried LED overhead and within 2 hours the leaves are crisped....

    And how did you get anything about it being more powerful than the sun? I can't adjust the I know it wasn't heat, I believe it was a PAR that was more than the plants could handle. T
    So your LED's fried the plants? Are your LED's more powerful than the sun? Cuz the sun is pretty powerful and as long as everything else is alright it never burns plants. You sure it was the LED and not something else?
    Yeah, I did fry my babies with too much light.. funny, they claim LEDs can't do that because they throw off no heat...
    hey i did a account on it only live feed?would b nice to access the account and to b able to c the computer cam in my room
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